Darq’s Christmas

26 Dec

DARQ:  I survived (and enjoyed) my first Christmas on Earth.  Here’s the scoop:

IMG_0228As this view out the window of Catherine’s farmhouse shows, it snowed, and we had a “white” Christmas.

IMG_0238Decorating the kitchen, dining room, and the Christmas tree sure was work, especially getting the stuff out of storage boxes.  And, yes, I managed to get tangled up in tinsel and lights. Then, all of a sudden, the lights gnarled about me lit up.


CATHERINE!  Kill the lights. I am not a Christmas tree!

CATHERINE (snickering) unplugs the cord:  “Calm down, Darq, I was just checking to see if the lights worked.

DARQ:  They work!  Now, what’s next?

CATHERINE:  Getting the tree trimmed.IMG_0243 The lights go on first.

DARQ: Figure it would be lights.  Did you know Catherine put 600 mini-lights on her five-foot tree?  Enough wattage to outdo a solar flare . . .

Anyway, I managed to get red and green bead-rope placed, and I did not get tangled–not once!  Okay, so maybe I did almost strangle myself when a loop fell off and about my neck . . .

I even got to hang a few drum ornaments–IMG_0253plaid is evidently a McLean thing, them being of Scottish descent.

When the tree was done, I left Catherine to set up the nativity scene and put away all the decorations boxes.

What Catherine didn’t know was that I went upstairs and wrapped her a gift. IMG_0258

My gift to her was a “book rest”.  In purple.  It’s got two little pockets for pens, etcetera and a nice tassel (for book-books, not her e-reader). She likes purple.  And red. Did you know she’s a Red Hatter? Anyway, packing the gift was one thing but getting the gift wrap anchored with tape?  Quite another.IMG_0268

. . . I got more tape on me than on the package!

But I managed to get the job done and put the bow and tag on the gift.IMG_0269

On Christmas Eve, Catherine and her husband have a tradition of reading the Bible’s gospel of Luke, and so I became acquainted with the story of the birth of Jesus.

Christmas Day arrived and I discovered Santa had, indeed, stopped. He even helped himself to a few cookies off the tray Catherine set out, but–

Yoi, Catherine!  Darq Xmas NutsWho ate all the cashews?

CATHERINE (a smile twitching at the edge of her salt-dusted lips):  I believe reindeer like cashews.  Santa probably gave them a handful. Now, go look at the tree–there’s something on it you need to see.

DARQ (goes over and stands beside the tree and gasps): Santa left a stocking for me! Darq Xmas stocking  [I must have stared at that stocking for five whole minutes, wondering what was the thing wrapped in red was.

Unfortunately, my curiosity aside, Catherine said it was house rules that gifts didn’t get opened until after church and breakfast.  We had pancakes for breakfast.  Yum.  Church was a small building, nicely decorated for Christmas, the mass unfamiliar to me, but, if that’s how Catherine and her husband chose to spend Christmas, who am I to quibble.  After all, Catherine was gracious and open-minded enough to let me celebrate the solstice my way.

And finally, at home, the gifts were distributed, and I got not only Santa’s stocking but other gifts.  I tore off the wrapping paper like a kid.  And–Wow! Look what I got from Santa!  Darq Xmas Loot-unwrapped A fishing net and a fishing pole.  But, hey, Catherine, what’s with the fish at the end of the line–its fake and no self-respecting fish is going to think it’s bait.

CATHERINE: How should I know, I don’t fish–oh, wait, maybe it’s part of some safety hazard type of law.  You know, a decoration that protects your fingers from the hook.  Can’t have the manufacturer sued because you hooked yourself.

DARQ:  I am not a stupid o-lo-pii!

CATHERINE:  Didn’t say you were. So, how did you like the earrings that were hidden in the toe of the sock?

DARQ:  I love them, but how did Santa know they’d go with the necklace you made me?

CATHERINE (unwrapping her gift from me): Santa knows such things.

DARQ:  Well, I thank him and I thank you for the jewelry and thank you, too, for the stole with the pockets.  Just the thing for your chilly old farmhouse.  Darq-XmasStoleDarq-Xmas Fuzzy Short

CATHERINE:  And what about the fuzzy stole I crocheted for you?

DARQ:  It’s gorgeous. I like it very much–

CATHERINE mutters excitedly:  Oh, my goodness!

DARQ: So, how do you like my present to you? The book rest?

CATHERINE:  It’s perfect!  I loved it!  Not only can I use it for books but for my e-reader.  No more propping up pillows on my lap to read. [After admiring it, putting her fingers in the little pockets, taking the cellophane off the tassel–and grinning the whole time–she sets the gift aside and picks up another package to unwrap.]

It took Catherine and her husband almost an hour to open the rest of their presents, which included books, sweaters, and food gifts (more cookies). When all the wrapping paper was gathered up and the gifts set back under the tree, Catherine headed for the kitchen to start dinner. Dinner was a special treat.  We had venison, wild rice, and maize–I mean corn.  Catherine mixed white and yellow corn with bits of carrots and small pieces of green beans and created a very colorful (and tasty) dish.  Of course, the best part was dessert–cookies. Lots and lots of cookies!

And so ended my very first Christmas experience on Earth.

*******How will Darq celebrate New Year’s Eve?   Stop back next week and find out.

*******Special notice: In January 2013, Darq is going to be interviewed in Mexico!

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***Darq is the protagonist/heroine of Jewels of the Sky, available at (as an eBook and paperback).

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