Darq and New Years

01 Jan

CATHERINE:  Darq is gone. At 0530 hours–that being 5:30 a.m. EST., and a ridiculous time to wake anyone, “the suits” arrived in a black-glassed vehicle with four-wheel drive, and none too thrilled with the snow. They had wanted to use a helicopter and land in the pasture behind the house, but the snow was too deep. The four men (bundled in parkas suitable for Antarctica) came to pick up Darq.  She was packed and ready to go.  The suits and Darq left at 5:45.  Destination? An undisclosed airfield where Darq will board a private jet to an undisclosed location where she’s to attend a New Year’s Eve party. Leave it to the government for the cloak-and-dagger secrecy stuff.  All I was told is that Darq will be back sometime tomorrow afternoon.  However, Darq promised that if she could get cell phone access, she would contact me (so I wouldn’t worry about her).  She can’t text us because my husband and I live in a dead zone. Of course, “no news is good news” is my motto, so I assume all goes well for her.  As for me and my husband, it’ll be a quite New Year’s eve. Just us.  No partying.  Not that we are party types to begin with . . .  Oddly enough, the house seems way too quite with Darq gone. I think I’ll just go check my e-mails . . .

Darq NewYrEve-01E-Mail from Darq, 8:00 p.m. EST:   Adovee, Catherine!  I borrowed something called an iPad tablet to send you this picture of me in my “McLean” original (thank you so much for sewing it for me!).  Everyone, and I mean everyone, has complimented me on the dress (especially how the stripes match in points down the front seam).  As you can see, I was given a hat and a “horn” and a balloon. Things actually began about 1730 hours with hors d’oeuvres– and some interesting liquors.  One had a worm at the bottom of the glass.  I swallowed the worm whole.  Everyone seemed pleased with that. Personally, rye whiskey comes close to being the Wysotti equivalent of ek-musa, and I prefer that “over the rocks” (rocks being ice). Anyway, the dinner was beyond lavish. There was one meat–something called fillet mignon–or something like that–which was very good. I’m having a great time–  Got to go, the general says he’s ready to teach me how to do a “slow dance.”

E-Mail from Darq, 11:58 p.m. EST:  Adovee, again Catherine! I’m having a fantastic time.  I and everyone is now looking out the wall of glass windows, down at Times Square. We’re all waiting for the ball to drop. There it goes . . .

Four, three, two, one!    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 

Darq NewYrEve-02
Five minutes later:  Yoi, Catherine, no one warned me about confetti. It’s everywhere.  Shitfire, I have confetti in my bra!  Double shitfire–no one warned me about all the kissing and auld langsyne either.  You Americans sure have strange customs.

******Special notice: January 9, 2013, Darq is going to be interviewed in Mexico by “Father Dragon”–to keep abreast of Darq’s activities, join us at Twitter 

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***Darq is the protagonist/heroine of Jewels of the Sky, available at (as an eBook and paperback).

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