Mexico countdown

05 Jan

Mexico MapCATHERINE:  The Men In Black picked Darq up last night and spirited her away.  All I know is that Darq’s destination is Cancun, the Mayan Riviera, for her official visit to Mexico as a “cultural ambassador.”  At least that’s the official line I was given, you never know about the government and those clandestine MIBs  . . . Okay, so Darq’s getting away from the frigid, snowy Allegheny foothills of Pennsylvania and going to a warn and colorful country–and she gets to take in some of the Mayan tourist attractions and the area’s mentioned in Jewels of the Sky.

Anyway,  her visit also includes a “televised” blog interview by none other than Father Dragon, at his Dragon Cave. The “Under the Fireworks” interview is scheduled for January 10, but Father Dragon will be making preparations the day before–with his dwarfs–and that will be posted on January 9.  So mark your calendars and stop by for the preliminaries.

Dyn costume-frontDarq assured me that the January 10 interview will not be the usual “author interview” or the usual “character” interview–after all, the interviewer is a dragon.  I won’t be there so I have no idea what the questions will be or how revealing ( about me ? ) Darq might be.

Lordy, I think I’m losing control of my character . . .

CLICK HERE TO GO TO Father Dragon’s Blog

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