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Easter 2013

2013Easter Cross

DARQ: Catherine is busy behind the camera taking photos of my first Easter on Earth.  She insisted on the palm-frond cross because it’s her Catholic tradition, but I was fascinated by my new clothes–and my Easter Bonnet!  Here’s a close up of my chapeau (that’s “hat” in French, or at least that’s what Catherine said). 2013EasterDarqHATcloseup

Now as you can see, the Easter Bunny left Catherine and her husband an Easter Basket full of colorful eggs, but because I threatened to catch and eat said white bunny, and I still don’t understand why rabbits are edible but the White Easter Bunny is not –

Anyway, said Easter Bunny left me a bag.

2013Easter Fish in Bag 1

So I open the bag and what do I find?

2013Easter Fish 1

A fish!

CATHERINE, snickering behind the camera:  It’s no ordinary fish.

DARQ: I can see that, it’s covered with foil and it isn’t flexible like a real fish.

CATHERINE: So take the wrapper off.



DARQ:  It’s Chocolate!  Yum!!!!   But I don’t think I’ll ever understand the Easter Bunny, who poops jelly beans and gives out baskets of eggs and stuff.  Weird.  Truly weird.

2013Easter Fish Choc

CATHERINE, grinning:  Hey, Darq, since you were so intent on eating a White Bunny Rabbit, here’s my Easter gift to you.

DARQ: Other than my new outfit, you’re giving me another gift?

CATHERINE: Yes. Here’s a marshmallow Easter Bunny.  One you can indulge 2013Easter MarshmloRabityour sweet tooth on.



DARQ:  Great, a photo that shows off my new Easter Shoes!

CATHERINE, shaking her head:  You and your shoes . . . Woman you are one shoe-a-holic!



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Easter Shoes?

Darq's Easter Shoes!

Darq’s Easter Shoes!

CATHERINE, sitting in front of her computer:  Okay Darq the photo shoot is done and I’m posting a picture of your new Easter shoes.

DARQ: And you’ll tell people to stop back on Easter for the reveal of my Easter outfit?

CATHERINE:  Of course.  And I’m telling them the Easter Bunny will be bringing you an Easter basket, that is, provided you give up the idea of hunting the Easter bunny and roasting him for our dinner.

DARQ:  Rabbits are game. And game is game. I find your customs bizarre.

CATHERINE: You’re entitled to your opinion.  Just remember what I said–you can hunt the wild rabbits on the farm, roast them, stew them, whatever, but you CANNOT HUNT THE WHITE EASTER BUNNY!

DARQ: There’s no difference between rabbits and bunnies. I checked. They look alike.

CATHERINE:  They do not.  The Easter Bunny is white.  He’s special.  He brings Easter baskets filled with Easter eggs, chocolate, and treats to households on Easter morning.

DARQ: Are you implying he’s like the gift-giving Santa Clause who gave me a fishing pole and net at Christmas?

CATHERINE:  Sort of. The Easter basket and Easter eggs are gifts, but the Easter Bunny doesn’t go down chimney’s.  His mode of transport is a magical network of rabbit holes. One other thing the Easter Bunny has over Santa is that the Easter Bunny poops colorful jelly beans that we get to eat.

DARQ, whose face scrunches up with distaste: EWWWWWWWW!!!  Eating poop? That’s gross.

CATHERINE:  Actually jelly beans are sweet treats.  I like them.  All except the black ones–they’re liquorice. I don’t like liquorice.

DARQ, departing the computer room: Ewwwww!!! 

CATHERINE, thinking to herself:  If the Easter Bunny finds out Darq wants to hunt him and cook him, will the Easter Bunny even stop at my house? 


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A Pot of Gold and Shamrocks too!

Darq says:

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all! 002 StPats 2013

And just look at my new shoes —  they’re worth a pot of gold to me!

030 StPats 2013 shoes 1

Catherine:  Even I think the shoes are spiffy.

Darq:  Spiffy?  No way – they’re TERRIFIC!  And speaking of shoes, how are my  Oz shoes coming along?

Catherine:  You know they’re done and the real hang-up is the “witchy” costumes YOU can’t make up your mind about. 

Darq:  You mean I have to wait until you finish sewing them all?

Catherine, grinning:  Exactly. 

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Wizard of Oz shoes?

GHDay-outfit 1

DARQ:  Yoi, Catherine!  I want a pair of Oz shoes.

CATHERINE, looking totally confused:  Oz shoes?

DARQ:  Yeah, I saw them on last night’s HSN. A special sale presentation that coincides with the release of the new Oz movie.  Oh the shoes!! The amazingly, wonderful  shoes!  Sparkling—

CATHERINE:  Whoa, halt, stop.  Do you even know what Oz is?

DARQ:  Sure I do.  I read your copy of The Wizard of Oz and it’s now my favorite book.

CATHERINE (thinking– of course that story would appeal to Darq because she has a lot in common with Dorothy, but–): The new movie isn’t the one you read about.

DARQ:  I know that!  Now, put that mind of yours back on shoes. Sparkly shoes for me.

CATHERINE, heaving a sigh of defeat:  Okay.  Give me a few days and I’ll work on it.

STOP BACK AND SEE DARQ’S NEW OZ SHOES . . . . or to be notified when they are posted to this sight, join Darq and Catherine at Twitter!/CatherineMcLea7

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