Wizard of Oz shoes?

02 Mar

GHDay-outfit 1

DARQ:  Yoi, Catherine!  I want a pair of Oz shoes.

CATHERINE, looking totally confused:  Oz shoes?

DARQ:  Yeah, I saw them on last night’s HSN. A special sale presentation that coincides with the release of the new Oz movie.  Oh the shoes!! The amazingly, wonderful  shoes!  Sparkling—

CATHERINE:  Whoa, halt, stop.  Do you even know what Oz is?

DARQ:  Sure I do.  I read your copy of The Wizard of Oz and it’s now my favorite book.

CATHERINE (thinking– of course that story would appeal to Darq because she has a lot in common with Dorothy, but–): The new movie isn’t the one you read about.

DARQ:  I know that!  Now, put that mind of yours back on shoes. Sparkly shoes for me.

CATHERINE, heaving a sigh of defeat:  Okay.  Give me a few days and I’ll work on it.

STOP BACK AND SEE DARQ’S NEW OZ SHOES . . . . or to be notified when they are posted to this sight, join Darq and Catherine at Twitter!/CatherineMcLea7

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