Easter 2013

31 Mar

2013Easter Cross

DARQ: Catherine is busy behind the camera taking photos of my first Easter on Earth.  She insisted on the palm-frond cross because it’s her Catholic tradition, but I was fascinated by my new clothes–and my Easter Bonnet!  Here’s a close up of my chapeau (that’s “hat” in French, or at least that’s what Catherine said). 2013EasterDarqHATcloseup

Now as you can see, the Easter Bunny left Catherine and her husband an Easter Basket full of colorful eggs, but because I threatened to catch and eat said white bunny, and I still don’t understand why rabbits are edible but the White Easter Bunny is not –

Anyway, said Easter Bunny left me a bag.

2013Easter Fish in Bag 1

So I open the bag and what do I find?

2013Easter Fish 1

A fish!

CATHERINE, snickering behind the camera:  It’s no ordinary fish.

DARQ: I can see that, it’s covered with foil and it isn’t flexible like a real fish.

CATHERINE: So take the wrapper off.



DARQ:  It’s Chocolate!  Yum!!!!   But I don’t think I’ll ever understand the Easter Bunny, who poops jelly beans and gives out baskets of eggs and stuff.  Weird.  Truly weird.

2013Easter Fish Choc

CATHERINE, grinning:  Hey, Darq, since you were so intent on eating a White Bunny Rabbit, here’s my Easter gift to you.

DARQ: Other than my new outfit, you’re giving me another gift?

CATHERINE: Yes. Here’s a marshmallow Easter Bunny.  One you can indulge 2013Easter MarshmloRabityour sweet tooth on.



DARQ:  Great, a photo that shows off my new Easter Shoes!

CATHERINE, shaking her head:  You and your shoes . . . Woman you are one shoe-a-holic!



STOP BACK AND SEE DARQ’S NEW OZ SHOES and COSTUMES . . . . or to be notified when they are posted to this site, join Darq and Catherine at Twitter –!/CatherineMcLea7

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4 responses to “Easter 2013

  1. Al Diaz

    March 31, 2013 at 6:35 PM

    Extremely pretty! Happy Easter 😀

  2. Kathy Otten

    April 1, 2013 at 4:14 AM

    Happy Easter, Darq!
    Catherine, I can’t believe the detail in her outfit. It’s really cute too. Where ever did you find the straw hat?

  3. Catherine McLean

    April 1, 2013 at 4:14 PM

    Actually, the day I bought that pink hat, I also bought a few others. I was in Sharon and while browsing for something else in Pat Catan’s, I walked down this aisle at the back of the store and spotted the hats. They were pricey–like 50 cents. LOL Thanks for stopping by!


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