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Oz Shoes and Dresses!

DARQ: I’m so excited!  I get to model my new Oz shoes and the dresses they go with!  (Click on the pictures to enlarge the views)

Darq-OZ 5-2013 Oz shoes hemJust look at my “glitzy-bling Oz shoes!”

Oz glitz-bling shoes closeupCatherine hand set every gemstone one at a time (okay, so they are glass gemstones), and

Darq-OZdress Back

Yes, I’m ignoring Catherine grumbling something about hand-stitching the dress’s hem, which is just under two yards because of what she calls “a train.” And yes, that’s my braids all ribbon-tied together. I have to say, though, that this “Evenora” dress makes me feel glamorously wicked-wicked!

And the hat — Don’t forget my spectacular hat!

Darq-OZdressPix 00

Now look close, at my hand.  I’m holding a “Harry Potter Wand.”  Catherine says not all witches use wands, but I insisted on one and I do so like this wand because it glitters.  So I’m off to see the Wizard of Oz and that means following the yellow-brick road to Emerald City . . . see ya!

CATHERINE:  Hey, Darq, wait a second.  Don’t forget that Evenora showed her true colors–the black of an evil witch. So, put on that black outfit and wow your fans.

DARQ dons the black outfit:  Aren’t I devilishly, sexy in black?

Darq Blk Oz dress bkgnd 0328

DARQ grabs her skirt, lifting it, and skips off singing: I’m off to see the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz . . .

This second pair of shoes matches the hatband of Darq's "Evenora Green Dress."

This second pair of shoes matches the hatband of Darq’s “Evenora Green Dress.”

   A Note from Catherine:  To those that sew, you know it’s not easy making doll clothes, even for a doll 18.5 inches tall like Darq.  The black dress was the prototype for the green dress.  The black dress was made from satin and velveteen (some having zebra striping) that were in my “scraps bag.”  (A sewer rarely throws away any fabric scrap or leftover that could be used for some small project!)  Anyway, the silver-dot netting overlay that covers the black dress’s bodice also goes from side-seam to side-seam, and so the front skirt panel is not covered.  The green dress is a sparkly satin with everything but the sleeves and center front panel having an organza overlay that is also silver-dotted.  If anyone noticed, the same pattern was used to make the Mother’s Day dress, circa 1800’s, that was posted a few days ago for Mother’s Day. As to the hats, I used one black witch-hat with two different hatbands, one for the green dress and one for the black. Feathers dot the hat along with a few rounds of a silken yarn that give the illusion of feathers.  A stole loops about Darq’s neck and under her arms to also give the illusion of feathers on her shoulders.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

DARQ:  Here I come, ready or not . . .

Darq-5 2013 MomDay-peekaboo

 . . .  and to wish you and all my blog followers a

Happy Mother’s Day!

CATHERINE: And you’re in costume?

DARQ: How else was I to give an “old-fashioned” Mother’s Day greeting?  By the way, I love the dress you made for me.  Jane Austin would be thrilled.

CATHERINE:  I would imagine so.  And the hat?

DARQ: Awesome!  It makes me feel like I could live in the 1800’s.

CATHERINE:  Speaking of Jane Austin, which book of hers did you like best?

DARQ:  ‘Emma’ of course.  Oh, and thanks for the handkerchief, pearl necklace, and the new pair of shoes that go with my dress. IMG_0342

CATHERINE mutters softly “you and shoes,” then she says:  You’re welcome.

DARQ:  Yoi, Catherine, what do you think of all these beautiful spring flowers and this mini-rose?  I plucked all of them just for you.

CATHERINE:  In other words, you picked my garden clean.

DARQ laughs, then says:  Not quite, but are you sure these are real flowers?

CATHERINE scrutinizes the cascade of flowers:  Omygosh! Some are real and some are silk — you pilfered from my seasonal silk flower supply!

DARQ: How else was I to put together so many blooms?

CATHERINE:  Well, okay, you did a terrific job of blending the real and the fake. It’s hard to tell which is which.

DARQ: Thank you, and now, Catherine, let me make the official announcement:

Darq-5 2013 MomDay HAT



HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY from Catherine and Darq.

PS — Can you identify the real flowers from the fake?  If so, feel free to comment and list the ones you think are real.

******** Coming May 15th:  The Oz dresses and the glitzy-bling Oz shoes plus another opportunity to download JEWELS OF THE SKY for free!

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Under her hat . . .

Closeup of Hat 2013

What’s under Darq’s new hat?  Why a special

Mother’s Day Greeting–and a special offer. So stop back on Mother’s Day for the details!

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