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Chokeberry Punch?

IMG_0125 Darq Hat 2 HZTL

DARQ:  Yoi, Catherine, is this the hat I’m going to wear for Halloween?  Can I put it on and try it out?

CATHERINE:  Yes, it’s your Halloween witch’s hat, but NO you can’t try it on until I’m finished with it.

DARQ’s brows furrow in puzzlement and then she says: What are you going to do with it?

CATHERINE: Use it in a photo shoot for KARMA AND MAYHEM.

DARQ:  And just what does my hat have to do with your romance novel?

CATHERINE:  You didn’t read the book? You said you were–

DARQ:  Of course I read it.  It’s about Tienan and Janay.  The guy’s got two souls and karma issues.  Janay is mayhem personified–

CATHERINE:  And there are WITCHES, demons, archangels, and a special katana.

DARQ:  Oh, I get it, the hat represents the witches.

CATHERINE: Right and now, you get to sample this.  (Catherine places a glass filled with a red liquid before Darq)

IMG_0093 Darq Glass FULL hztlDARQ: And just what is this bloody-red stuff?

CATHERINE:  The new Chokeberry Punch that I’m giving away to celebrate the first anniversary of KARMA AND MAYHEM.

DARQ: Punch?  Didn’t you give away a Choke-berry Shalamiz recipe last year?  The one you worked with a chef to make the book’s fictitious “blood of ages” into a reality-drink?

CATHERINE:  Yes, but that recipe was used only as a special prize for giveaways and is a limited edition.  This is brand new–a punch.  Something for everyone and just in time for Halloween parties.

DARQ, turning the glass, sniffing the contents:  How much alcohol is in this?

CATHERINE:  Not a drop.  Chokeberry Punch is a tart-sweet, fruity punch.  No alcohol.

DARQ takes a tentative sip.  Then a bigger sip.  She downs half the liquid:  Yoi, this is good stuff!  My tongue tingles.

CATHERINE:  Mine did too, but my husband swears his didn’t.  I’m thinking it’s just be a quirk of tongues.

DARQ shrugsIMG_0116 Darq Glass empty htzt, then downs the rest of the glass’s contents. She pushes the glass toward Catherine:  How about a refill?

CATHERINE:  Absolutely, but you have to take the glass and go elsewhere until I’m done with the KARMA AND MAYHEM photo shoot.

Once the glass is refilled Darq exits. She returns after Catherine takes the photos and the punch bowl and glass are in the sink.  Darq sits back down at the table, She looks over the items used in the photo shoot and arranges them in front of her.

IMG_0127 Darq KnM vtcl 6

DARQ:  Yoi, Catherine, this sword is very pretty and hefty.  Is it Sugi?

CATHERINE (camera in hand, checking out the pictures she’d taken):  No, it’s a stand-in for the katana.

Seeing Catherine smile, DARQ says:  I take it you got a very good shot for the KARMA AND MAYHEM BLOG?

CATHERINE: That I did. Want to see it?

DARQ:  Sure do.

Catherine shows Darq the photo: IMG_0070 KnM 2013 punch 3

CATHERINE:  Anyone can click on the photo (above) to get a download of the Chokeberry Punch recipe.  And it’s okay to pass the recipe on to friends and family, even Facebook or Tweets.

@2013 – all photos by Catherine E. McLean  *

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Father Dragon is safe . . .

Click on photo to go to FD blog

CATHERINE: Darq!  Come look–he’s okay.Robe-barefeet

Darq pads barefoot into Catherine’s office, the morning paper in hand and a cup of steaming coffee in the other hand.  She pauses to look over Catherine’s shoulder and read what’s on the monitor–the blog entry of Father Dragon / Al Diaz.

Catherine slowly scrolls the screen down for Darq to read the post and see the photos posted, which show the flooding in Mexico.  

Minutes later, Darq says:  What a relief!  Seeing all those weather reports and reading the news about those horrendous rains–I was worried about him.

CATHERINE:  I know you were. So was I. And knowing how bad the storms were, I figured communications lines and the Internet would be down for weeks to come, so it’s doubly nice to see he got a message out.

DARQ half smiles:  It’s also good to know the books he treasured weren’t destroyed. 

CATHERINE:  He said there were a few casualties. Take heart, too, the Dragon Cave is safe.

DARQ: Bet Father Dragon mustered the dwarves into relays to sandbag and shore up things to minimize the damage. You will send him a message that we’re glad he’s okay and that we’ve been thinking about him, right?

CATHERINE:  Already did that.  But now, pause a moment with me to pray for him, his neighbors, his relatives, and all the people of Mexico who were affected by the horrific flooding of the storms.  

 # # #

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