Father Dragon is safe . . .

20 Sep

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CATHERINE: Darq!  Come look–he’s okay.Robe-barefeet

Darq pads barefoot into Catherine’s office, the morning paper in hand and a cup of steaming coffee in the other hand.  She pauses to look over Catherine’s shoulder and read what’s on the monitor–the blog entry of Father Dragon / Al Diaz.

Catherine slowly scrolls the screen down for Darq to read the post and see the photos posted, which show the flooding in Mexico.  

Minutes later, Darq says:  What a relief!  Seeing all those weather reports and reading the news about those horrendous rains–I was worried about him.

CATHERINE:  I know you were. So was I. And knowing how bad the storms were, I figured communications lines and the Internet would be down for weeks to come, so it’s doubly nice to see he got a message out.

DARQ half smiles:  It’s also good to know the books he treasured weren’t destroyed. 

CATHERINE:  He said there were a few casualties. Take heart, too, the Dragon Cave is safe.

DARQ: Bet Father Dragon mustered the dwarves into relays to sandbag and shore up things to minimize the damage. You will send him a message that we’re glad he’s okay and that we’ve been thinking about him, right?

CATHERINE:  Already did that.  But now, pause a moment with me to pray for him, his neighbors, his relatives, and all the people of Mexico who were affected by the horrific flooding of the storms.  

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