Road Trip!

01 Oct

IMG_0021CATHERINE:  Darq, what are you doing with all my maps and the tour-guide books?

DARQ sets her cup of tea down: I’m looking at all the places you’re going to be traveling on your vacation.

CATHERINE: It’s not a vacation.  We’re going to my niece’s wedding.

DARQ:  You’re just using that as an excuse to do The Grand Tour of the West and the Grand Canyon.

CATHERINE: It’s a great excuse for a once in a lifetime trip. Pity the Men In Black won’t let you come with me and my husband.

DARQ smiles.

CATHERINE:  Why are you smiling like that?

DARQ: Because the guys have okayed me going with you.

CATHERINE:  What!  No way.  They wouldn’t want the publicity of a Wysotti Indian from another planet drawing every wacko in the nation to mob us.  And…And I don’t want a caravan of black vehicles front and back of our camper the whole way.  No, you have to be joking.  Right?

DARQ shakes her head:  No joke.  And no caravan of black vehicles.  No news leaks. No wackos.

CATHERINE: Then how are the guys in black handling you traveling with us?

DARQ:  They show up only in the big cities we visit or places where you park the camper for several days.  I get to go sort of incognito.  Besides, they gave me an energy aura that will make me invisible when we go to the tourist spots.

CATHERINE plunks her butt down across the table from Darq and says:  How did you mange to convince them to let you go with us?

DARQ, flashing a grin at Catherine:  Seems Agents V and W have family in Kansas City.  M and S are natives of San Antonio. As to Vegas, well G, I, D, and B figure I’ll need company since you’ll be involved in the wedding that whole week you’re there. They promised me a great time at the casinos.

CATHERINE:  Oh, good grief–don’t you see what the four in Vegas are up to?

DARQ frowns:  What do you mean?

CATHERINE:  Vegas isn’t called sin city for nothing.

DARQ:  You mean they have some ulterior motive?

CATHERINE: Exactly. Gambling. Women. Drink. What if they cause another debauchery hoopla like other government guys have done?

DARQ:  Never thought of that, but I can handle myself.

CATHERINE:  I’m not worried about you–it’s THEM.

DARQ:  I’ll take a few precautions and stay in the camper if anything goes awry.  How’s that.

CATHERINE:  I don’t know–

DARQ:  Look, I really want to see this great country of yours. We can work things out, can’t we?  Play it by ear?

CATHERINE sits up straighter and smiles:  Okay. That sounds like a plan.  And speaking of plans, one stop is Roswell.  Do you think you can persuade the guys in black to let me see Area 51 and Hanger 54?

DARQ:  You want to go there, to Area 51?

CATHERINE:  I’m a sci-fi writer. I can’t miss out on a chance to see the place.

DARQ: Okay, I’ll see what the guys say.  No guarantees.

CATHERINE: Right.  So, have you seen the big map with the route marked?

DARQ:  Yes, it’s in here somewhere . . . IMG_0041


Where will Darq be next Sunday (Oct. 6)? Stop back and find out — To be notified of the update, follow this blog or join Twitter by clicking here.

@2013 by Catherine E. McLean

All photos by Catherine E. McLean *

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