Where in the USA is Darq today?

06 Oct

Vegas Trip MAP plain

DARQ:  Due to the sporadicness of getting WI-Fi connections as we travel, this will be a brief report.

CATHERINE mutters under her breath: “You brief? Yeah, right!”


John: Stupid GPS. We are not lost. Now, silence you two.  Let me read this map.

DARQ ignores Catherine and her husband: We’ve headed west all week. Since Catherine and her husband have made many trips through Ohio and Indiana, they saw no need to stop and be tourists, and in truth, neither did I.  So, our first really nice stop was Kansas City where we went to . . .

Fort Osage, Kansas City, Kansas

Fort Osage is a recreated trading post. I can’t believe how primitive Earth’s people were.  A wood fort?  Indians and their canoes made out of a trunk of a tree? Shackles and a whipping post–

CATHERINE:  They were called floggings posts back then.  IMG_0110

DARQ: Right.  Floggings and whipping posts . . .  Anyway, what was more interesting was the river.


Missouri River, Kansas


The wide Missouri.  The fort was built on a bluff overlooking the river. And, of course, Catherine had the camera out taking pictures of her favorite subject (other than me)–flowers.  Like this one–

Showy Partridge

Showy Partridge



And then we were back on the road, traversing over the Missouri a number of times.  Boy that river sure did snake about!

And Kansas was flat. Flatter than flat . . .


Kansas farmland.

Kansas farmland.









CATHERINE: But the sky was really awesome, Darq.  Multiple layers of clouds, including storm cloud-puffs cruising low.

DARQ: But not much rain.  I’m thankful for that!  Anyway, miles and miles, hours and hours of nothing but flat, flat, flat.  When do we get to Colorado?

CATHERINE: When we get there. Oh, look at that–windmills!

Kansas Windmills 2013

Kansas Windmills

TO BE CONTINUED . . Where will Darq be next Sunday?  Stop back and find out.

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All photos by Catherine E. McLean *

@2013 by Catherine E. McLean – All rights reserved. 

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