29 Oct

IMG_0305BOO!  Guess who?  It’s me, Darq.  Happy Halloween!

Ready for Halloween  -

DARQ:  Say, Catherine, what do you think of my Halloween outfit?

CATHERINE:  As usual, you look beautiful in your black witch attire.

DARQ:  I wasn’t after beautiful but mysteriously and wickedly sexy.

CATHERINE:  Okay, with the mask on, you look mysterious, but wickedly sexy?  Nope. That image is marred by the green, alien face on your caldron.  By the way, what’s in that caldron?

DARQ:  I have no idea.  Agent G filled it with candy.

CATHERINE:  We talking about the bald-headed Agent G?

DARQ: That’s the guy.

CATHERINE: I wouldn’t put it past him to give you alien eggs instead of candy.

DARQ: That thought occurred to me, too.  That’s why I’m not touching the things.  You want to taste one and find out if it is candy or–

CATHERINE:  Not in your life!

DARQ:  Well, is there anyone reading this blog post who would like to venture a guess as to what the egg-shaped things are in my caldron? The first person to comment here on or before midnight EST November 1st and correctly identify the “eggs” gets a $5 gift card.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN–Hope yours is spooktacular!

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