27 Nov


DARQ:  I caught the turkey down behind Catherine’s house, but it was so pretty, I only stunned it so Catherine could get a photo.  Oh, okay, if truth be told, Catherine wouldn’t let me kill the bird. She said it was too much trouble de-feathering the thing, cooking it, and that it would provide way too much meat for just three people–and her freezer was already full.  So, I ended up letting the bird go. It had such pretty feathers . . .

CATHERINE:  Don’t fret about the feathers.  A hunter gave me the tail feather section of a bird he caught on the property last year.  You can have your choice of feathers from it. 

DARQ: Really?

CATHERINE: Really.  Just let me wish everyone who reads this blog a Happy Thanksgiving and we’ll go get those feathers.



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