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Happy New YEAR–It’s almost 2014

CATHERINE:  A few days ago, Darq was spirited away by the Men In Black to an undisclosed location (i.e., a ski chalet-mansion somewhere in North America).  She has been sporadically sending pictures from the New Year’s Eve “Great Gatsby” party and celebration she’s attending.  If you’ve read the Christmas post (below), you know she didn’t reveal the Erte costume, which I made for her and gave her for a Christmas gift. So, here’s a couple of the incoming photos Darq’s sent.  More will follow New Year’s Day:

IMG_0599 Erte stole ends crisscrossed-trimmed

Darq all bundled up to stay warm on her way to the New Year’s Eve “Great Gatsby” party.

It's below zero outside and this fire is wonderfully warm!

It’s below zero outside and this fire is wonderfully warm!

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It’s a Merry, Merry Christmas!

DARQ:  As promised here is a look at the McLean Christmas tree.

As you can see the theme Catherine used is from our “road trip” this summer.

2013 McLean Christmas Tree of the "Vegas-Desert Southwest Trip"

McLean Christmas Tree of the “Vegas-Desert Southwest Trip” @ 2013

You have to appreciate the tree’s angel-topper:

McLean's Angel Tree Topper @ 2013

McLean’s Angel Tree Topper @ 2013

Here’s me eyeballing a few of the paper-pictures/tags:

Darq and the McLean's Christmas Tree decorations, @ 2013

Darq and the McLean’s Christmas Tree decorations, @ 2013

But, it’s Christmas morning and there were presents under the tree–lots of presents–but this one caught my eye:

Darq and her wrapped gift @ 2013

Darq and her wrapped gift @ 2013

And, yes!  It was tagged for me–and it’s from Catherine!

Darq's Christmas gift box tagged for her, @ 2013

Darq’s Christmas gift box tagged for her, @ 2013

DARQ, a puzzle frown creasing her brow: Why do you humans wrap a nice box inside Christmas paper? Oh, wait, this is a special box inside a box—

Darq's pink gift box, Christmas 2013

Darq’s pink gift box, Christmas 2013

CATHERINE, yelling:  No, Darq, wait!  Don’t open the box any further.

DARQ looking inside the box:  And why not?  It’s — oh, wow — it’s beautiful!  Simply beautiful, and I want people to see what you made for me.

CATHERINE: I know, but you can’t reveal the contents.

DARQ: Why not?

CATHERINE: Because if you show off that outfit I created and sewed for you everyone who’s going to that “Great Gatsby New Year’s Eve Party” next week will know what you’re wearing.  Don’t you want to surprise them?

DARQ: I actually want to wow them.  Okay, so, fine, I won’t reveal the contents. And, thank you, it’s a work of art and you are so talented!

CATHERINE: You’re welcome.  Now put the tag back inside before someone makes out that’s Erte’s signature on the card.

DARQ: Oh, right, can’t let anyone know you were influenced by one of the designs of the Father of Art Deco.

CATHERINE, scowling: Too late, the cat’s out of the bag.

DARQ:  Cat?  What cat?

CATHERINE:  It’s a figure of speech.  Now, com’mon, it’s time we open the rest of the gifts and celebrate today.  It’s Christmas morning, and the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

DARQ and CATHERINE:  We wish those stopping by this blog a very Happy Christmas day and the blessings of peace and joy.

****Be sure to stop back New Year’s Day for the reveal of Darq’s Erte-insprired outfit. ****










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It’s Christmas Eve

2013 Xmas Aprons

Catherine & Darq’s 2013 Christmas Aprons

DARQ:  Catherine made us aprons for this year’s baking, but instead of cookies, we made 100% whole wheat bread (a walnut, brown sugar molasses) and dinner rolls (also 100% whole wheat and they are the layered kind that you can peel apart–YUM!).

I also learned my lesson from last year’s Christmas and let Catherine decorate the McLean Christmas tree herself.  She themed the tree and you will have to check back on Christmas Day to see the tree.

Christmas tree decorating 2012 and Darq got tangled among the lights

Christmas tree decorating 2012 and Darq got tangled among the lights

As for me, I am hoping for a very special gift under this year’s Christmas tree, one that requires Catherine’s creative sewing talents. You see, I need a gown to wear for the “Great Gatsby New Year’s Eve Party”  that I’ll be attending next week.  As usual, the Men In Black haven’t told me where the party is . . . bummer.

So, check back Christmas Day for an update . . .

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Celebrating an anniversary

Darq in her uniform 01

CATHERINE:  This is Darq in her official Wysotti dress uniform, hat and shoes.  Here is another look at the tunic:

IMG_0348 Darq yokes - grey bkgnd

Darq in uniform–closeup of yoke patches and hat.

By the way, Darq isn’t commenting today.  She’s too busy making kekali, a Doyon treat–and eating way too much of it!  If you’d like a copy of the kekali recipe, go to:

Plate of Kakeli - decorated

If you’d like to know more about how Darq’s uniform was made, go to

Now, it’s my turn to pig out on kekali, that is, if Darq and my husband haven’t gobbled them all up!

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Counting down to Dec.12

Pre-party celebration @ 2013

Pre-party celebration @ 2013

CATHERINE:  On Friday, Darq was picked up by the Men In Black and helicoptered to I-don’t-know-where for a multibillionaire’s post-Thanksgiving–or is it a pre-Christmas–party?  Anyway, she sent me the above photo.  The MIB promised she would be back here to celebrate with me on December 12, which marks the first year anniversary of the publication of JEWELS OF THE SKY (and Darq’s first coming to Earth).

****NOTE: if curious about the photo, or if you want to become a fan, join me at

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Need a gift?

IMG_0318 OnSale 2013

DARQ:  Of course, I highly recommend JEWELS OF THE SKY as a Christmas gift–as either an e-book or paperback. Keep in mind that the sale price is only good until Jan.1st.  And, don’t forget, stop back December 12 for a look at my Wysotti starfighter pilot’s uniform, plus the free recipe for kakeli (from the book).

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