It’s a Merry, Merry Christmas!

25 Dec

DARQ:  As promised here is a look at the McLean Christmas tree.

As you can see the theme Catherine used is from our “road trip” this summer.

2013 McLean Christmas Tree of the "Vegas-Desert Southwest Trip"

McLean Christmas Tree of the “Vegas-Desert Southwest Trip” @ 2013

You have to appreciate the tree’s angel-topper:

McLean's Angel Tree Topper @ 2013

McLean’s Angel Tree Topper @ 2013

Here’s me eyeballing a few of the paper-pictures/tags:

Darq and the McLean's Christmas Tree decorations, @ 2013

Darq and the McLean’s Christmas Tree decorations, @ 2013

But, it’s Christmas morning and there were presents under the tree–lots of presents–but this one caught my eye:

Darq and her wrapped gift @ 2013

Darq and her wrapped gift @ 2013

And, yes!  It was tagged for me–and it’s from Catherine!

Darq's Christmas gift box tagged for her, @ 2013

Darq’s Christmas gift box tagged for her, @ 2013

DARQ, a puzzle frown creasing her brow: Why do you humans wrap a nice box inside Christmas paper? Oh, wait, this is a special box inside a box—

Darq's pink gift box, Christmas 2013

Darq’s pink gift box, Christmas 2013

CATHERINE, yelling:  No, Darq, wait!  Don’t open the box any further.

DARQ looking inside the box:  And why not?  It’s — oh, wow — it’s beautiful!  Simply beautiful, and I want people to see what you made for me.

CATHERINE: I know, but you can’t reveal the contents.

DARQ: Why not?

CATHERINE: Because if you show off that outfit I created and sewed for you everyone who’s going to that “Great Gatsby New Year’s Eve Party” next week will know what you’re wearing.  Don’t you want to surprise them?

DARQ: I actually want to wow them.  Okay, so, fine, I won’t reveal the contents. And, thank you, it’s a work of art and you are so talented!

CATHERINE: You’re welcome.  Now put the tag back inside before someone makes out that’s Erte’s signature on the card.

DARQ: Oh, right, can’t let anyone know you were influenced by one of the designs of the Father of Art Deco.

CATHERINE, scowling: Too late, the cat’s out of the bag.

DARQ:  Cat?  What cat?

CATHERINE:  It’s a figure of speech.  Now, com’mon, it’s time we open the rest of the gifts and celebrate today.  It’s Christmas morning, and the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

DARQ and CATHERINE:  We wish those stopping by this blog a very Happy Christmas day and the blessings of peace and joy.

****Be sure to stop back New Year’s Day for the reveal of Darq’s Erte-insprired outfit. ****










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