An Erte Easter

20 Apr
Darq in her Erte-inspired Coat and Hat @ 2014

Darq in her Erte-inspired Coat and Hat @ 2014


DARQ:  Above is me in my Erte-inspired suede hat and coat.  As promised, Catherine added matching boots — with bling!  And here’s me taking the “Erte Pose” —

IMG_1292 Darq Erte POSE Easter 2014


and here’s the Erte illustration Catherine worked from —Erte APR 2014 Hat-Coat









CATHERINE:  Sorry, Darq, the black and white sketch was so fine a print that I had a difficult time scanning it to get it to post here.

DARQ:  That’s okay.  As usual, you did a great job on my outfit, and you even lined the coat–in satin–and I like the orange color a lot. IMG_1300 Darq Erte Lining Reveal Easter 2014

CATHERINE: Pity the pockets didn’t turn out like the sketch, but working with the suede at that small a scale was impossible, so I ended up using felt.

DARQ:  Sheesh, Catherine,  I LOVE  the pockets–they are bling of a different color!  (Darq grins.)

CATHERINE, smiling:  You and your bling.  Okay, so I figured you’d like the orange and purple.

DARQ: That’s the colors the illustration said, wasn’t it?

CATHERINE: Not exactly.  The illustration said the brown suede coat was TRIMMED in orange and purple.  I suspect the triangle trim on the pockets was dense embroidery, which I couldn’t duplicate. But I did top-stitch everything in purple and orange like the illustration showed.

DARQ:  So what do you like best about my Easter outfit?

CATHERINE:  The hat.  It was a simple rectangle with fabric cut out to form the front, but the veil, now that was Erte genius!

IMG_1305 Darq Erte Headpc Easter 2014

DARQ:  Yeah, who would have guessed the veil keeps the hat in place.

CATHERINE:  Right and that’s because the veil is under the hat, attached along the sides.  The tail of the two veils comes out the back opening.  But, Darq, my dear, Erte placed the veil over the model’s face, the edge coming under her nose.

DARQ:  And I told you no way was I going to have that edge under my nose smothering me.

CATHERINE:  You can’t smother–it’s a chiffon veil, a loose weave!  And, hey, you’re a starfighter pilot who, when flying, goes around with all kinds of gizmos covering your face.

DARQ:  That’s different.

CATHERINE:  Yeah, right . . .  Anyway, I’ve got a ham to bake so wish everyone a Happy Easter, and don’t pig out on your Easter basket of chocolates.

DARQ (grabbing a chocolate Easter egg from the basket):  HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!

* * *

Note:  Erte is the Father of Art Deco

A NOTE FROM CATHERINE TO SEWERS: I think Erte used wood beads for the “belt,” but I used metal jewelry findings and glass beads–because its hard to find the right size/color of tiny wood beads!  And, well, Darq does love bling. I also have to say that backward engineering any fashion design is always challenging. I also believe that if I didn’t have the years of sewing and projects from undergarments to tailored Hunt Seat and Saddle Seat riding attire behind me, I would not have been able to figure out how he did what he did.

And I wish you all a very Happy Easter!

*** Catherine’s website is: and Catherine’s website for writers is:

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6 responses to “An Erte Easter

  1. April 'Nikita' Welles

    April 20, 2014 at 1:56 PM

    That is a wonderful outfit you made for Darq, Catherine. Absolutely beautiful.
    It reminds me of Native American clothing, I love it. The only sewing I am capable of is basic stuff to keep my clothes from falling apart. lol.

    You, Darq, and the rest of the family have a wonderful Easter. Enjoy that ham (my sister is making one for us, too).

    Namaste :-)<

  2. Catherine McLean

    April 20, 2014 at 10:47 PM

    CATHERINE: Hi, April, as to Native American clothing, you can see such influence in many of Erte’s designs, but he was also influenced by Indian (from India) and other native cultures from around the world. And the ham we had was delicious. Nothing like a farm-raised, farm-cured ham (which we got as a gift!)

    DARQ: Hey, April, we all can’t be sewers. And besides, you have great talents, too— I’ve seen your Star Trek models and I’m wowed by them. 🙂

    • April 'Nikita' Welles

      April 22, 2014 at 2:24 PM

      Thank you, Catherine. He does have a lot of neat designs.
      Oh, and our ham is yummy, too!

      Thank you, Darq. I have been building for a long time, and I appreciate the compliments. I am very happy that you like them. Some have been built by me for me, some for clients who ask me to build their models for them.

      Love and Light to you both. :-)<

  3. Kathy Otten

    April 21, 2014 at 11:54 AM

    Wow, another amazing outfit for Darq. You’re so talented! Happy Easter!

  4. Catherine McLean

    April 21, 2014 at 12:36 PM

    Thanks, hope your Easter was a good one.


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