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Where is Darq Now?

Swirling Clouds @ 2013

Swirling Clouds @ 2013


CATHERINE:   The MIB (Men In Black) showed up after midnight last night (they have no respect for sleeping people!).  So, Darq packed a bag—actually three bags—and off she went with the MIBs.  Of course, mums the word and no one tells me where she’s off to nor when she’ll be back.

Then again, my house guest is not underfoot, so I can write, read, sew things for myself and the upcoming fairs, take pictures, plant flowers to take pictures of when they mature, and, hey, I can actually enjoy some quiet time!

ONE HOUR LATER . . .     The house is too quiet.  No, no, I can’t be missing Darq . . .

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Remembering . . .

FreedomNotFree“How important it is for us to recognize

and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!”

~ Maya Angelou

CATHERINE: Well, Darq, what do you think of the above for posting here this Memorial Day?   Flag N Moon

DARQ:  I like the quote best.

CATHERINE: I take it that it resonates with you because you’re a starfighter pilot and heroine to your homeworld?

DARQ (heaving a sad sigh): A little, but more.  It makes me remember the fallen, my comrades . . .  And the survivors– the injured, the paralyzed, the disabled . . .

CATHERINE:  Yeah, I know what you mean. Now, com’mon, brighten up– let’s get the flag run up the pole so it can wave over my little section of farm land.

DARQ:  Is that your way of paying tribute to all who served and continue to keep American the home of the free?

CATHERINE:  That and the fact that my husband served and my dad, my uncles . . .  Trace the McLean branch way back and we had a relative in the Revolutionary War.

DARQ:  Anyone famous?

CATHERINE:  No.  Just a patriot who believed in freedom–and paid the price.  He got shot and died.

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Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms

CATHERINE:   Darq and I wish all mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day!


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