Remembering . . .

24 May

FreedomNotFree“How important it is for us to recognize

and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!”

~ Maya Angelou

CATHERINE: Well, Darq, what do you think of the above for posting here this Memorial Day?   Flag N Moon

DARQ:  I like the quote best.

CATHERINE: I take it that it resonates with you because you’re a starfighter pilot and heroine to your homeworld?

DARQ (heaving a sad sigh): A little, but more.  It makes me remember the fallen, my comrades . . .  And the survivors– the injured, the paralyzed, the disabled . . .

CATHERINE:  Yeah, I know what you mean. Now, com’mon, brighten up– let’s get the flag run up the pole so it can wave over my little section of farm land.

DARQ:  Is that your way of paying tribute to all who served and continue to keep American the home of the free?

CATHERINE:  That and the fact that my husband served and my dad, my uncles . . .  Trace the McLean branch way back and we had a relative in the Revolutionary War.

DARQ:  Anyone famous?

CATHERINE:  No.  Just a patriot who believed in freedom–and paid the price.  He got shot and died.

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