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Labor Day BBQ !


Darq will enjoy a fancy Labor Day BBQ — with good food and drinks and steak on the grill.

DARQ-BBQ 02 grilltop

As for my husband and me, it’s the little Smokey Joe grill on the deck, sirloin burgers, and a quiet Labor Day.


Catherine (and Darq)

**** NOTE TO CRAFTERS AND SEWERS: The BBQ grill is made of stone mosaic pieces glued to a cardboard box (with a brick inside to counter the weight of the front mosaics.  Before using the mosaic slab, I scanned it and produced paper to wallpaper the rest of the box with.  The “food” is from a collection of Barbie accessories.  The “ice” is, if you care to enlarge the picture, make of an assortment of pony beads and jewelry-making plastic and glass beads.  The “charcoal” bed is grey form (recycled packing material) but on top of it are red glass beads.  The “smoke” is batting that I used a Marks-a-Lot on (and got my fingers blackened in the process.  :))  The smoke isn’t glued down but suspended because the back edge is stuck to double sticky tape.  There is a hole at the top that I dragged more of the smoke through, and which stands all by itself.  The grill grate is a recycled piece of netting off an old backpack’s water bottle holder, spray painted silver, and suspended by two toothpicks jabbed into the back of the grill. The back-upper part is actually a piece of Styrofoam (recycled packing material). The backdrop is a foam poster board which I glued a strip of flower-printed corduroy then hot glued little flowers and leaves to give a 3-D effect.

I made the pattern for Darq’s apron and used my inkjet printer to make the transfer that was ironed onto it. The blouse is cotton gingham and there’s a matching hair-tie of gingham. The Capri pants are a bottomweight. And, of course, Darq being a shoe-a-holic, has a new pair of sandals with bling.  DARQ-BBQ 03 shoes

A lot of work for a couple of pictures and posting here, so was it worth it?  You tell me. Vote here–(voting ends on Sept. 7).


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