Thanksgiving – and an ugly Christmas sweater?

26 Nov

IMG_2403 2014 Thanksgiving DARQ

DARQ (shouting): Happy Turkey Day!

CATHERINE: It’s not a happy day for turkeys.

DARQ: Yeah, I know, but ‘TIZ THE SEASON!

CATHERINE: Oh, please, not you too.

DARQ: Me too what?

CATHERINE: I really hate the commercialization of Christmas. Did you not notice that the Black Friday sales began last Sunday, five days before Thanksgiving?  Why just a couple hours ago, the TV station I was watching ran a “Happy Holidays” blurb to its viewers.

DARQ: Speaking of Christmas, I need your help.

CATHERINE:  For what?

DARQ: The guys–

CATHERINE: As in the Men In Black who are now pigging out on your pumpkin pies, all twenty four of them?

DARQ: Yes, and they are OUR pies. I cleaned the pumpkins, you made the pies–

CATHERINE:  So, you want me to help you bake more pies, like for the MIB’s Christmas party?

DARQ:  No. The party’s being catered.

CATHERINE (letting out a sigh of profound relief):  That’s good. So, what kind of help do you need?

DARQ:  I need an ugly Christmas sweater.

CATHERINE (looking astonished): Why would you want an ugly Christmas sweater?  There are plenty of lovely ones–

DARQ: It’s a contest. Well, actually, anyone who attends the party has to wear the ugliest Christmas sweater they own or can buy or can make.  It’s a themed party–the “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.”

CATHERINE: So, go online or go shopping and buy yourself an ugly Christmas sweater.

DARQ:  If it’s in a store, it’s likely more than one person will be wearing the same sweater.  I want something unique.  You knit. Could you knit me sweater?

CATHERINE: I could if you can wait until next Christmas for me to finish it.  I’m a slow knitter.

DARQ (looking crestfallen):

CATHERINE (speaking before she can stop herself): But I can crochet a lot faster.  I guess I can crochet one for you in a couple of weeks.  When’s the party?

DARQ (grins): Sunday afternoon, Dec. 14 at HQ.  Can you have the sweater ready by then?

CATHERINE: More than likely.  Com’mon, let’s go to my sewing room and raid the yarn bin, and see what color combo we can piece together for this ugly sweater of yours.

*****Stop back December 14 to see Darq’s ugly Christmas Sweater.

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