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Luck of the Irish

IMG_3311 2015 StPat Darq sign  DARQ: I wish everyone stopping by a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.  And–drum roll please–here is the outfit Catherine made me to celebrate this Earth holiday.  The outfit’s design is not Erte inspired but a fashion native to my home world, Wysa.  Ta-dah!


Psst — you have to scroll down a bit . . .


IMG_3353 2015 StPat Darq

DARQ: And take a look at the matching sandals–and yes, I paint my toenails in rainbow colors.  If you read Catherine’s book JEWELS OF THE SKY, you’ll know why.

IMG_3317 2015 StPat shoes


Catherine even made me a hair bow–IMG_3309 2015 StPat Darq HairRbn

Best of all, I love the clover print–

CATHERINE: Shamrocks, not clovers.

DARQ: Tomato, Tommatah.  Anyway, this two-piece outfit is similar to one I would wear if on planet-side leave. With the gold beading on the tunic and the metallic threads of the pipantos, this would be very suitable for when my husband takes me out to a fine eating establishment.

CATHERINE, with a puzzle frown creasing her brow: Pipantos?  Are you talking about the culottes?

DARQ: Culottes?  I’m talking about the split skirt under my tunic. We Wysotti love pant-skirts.

CATHERINE chuckles softly.

DARQ: What’s so funny?


DARQ: Give.  Out with it.

CATHERINE:  Such split skirts here on Earth are called culottes. Originally they were a gentleman’s knee britches. When woman started riding astride, not sidesaddle, they wore split skirts, which the French called culottes–and the name stuck. But there are other names for split skirts or divided skirts, such as gauchos, plaza pants, palazzo plaza pants, and if short enough to be shorts-length, they’re called skorts.

DARQ: I really didn’t need a history lesson on culottes.

CATHERINE:  I’m a sewer. What did you expect?

DARQ: Right–  You’re forgiven.  And speaking of sewing, what’s on your sewing room agenda for Easter?  I have a high tea to go to and need something nice, maybe another Erte?

CATHERINE: Sorry, Darq, I don’t have time to fuss with figuring out another Erte design or even making something from those Wysotti fashion pictures you gave me.  You see, I’ve signed a contract with The Wild Rose Press and they’ll be publishing HEARTS, my futuristic romance novella.

DARQ (shocked for a second, then grins): Congratulations!  And, of course, I fully understand that’s more important.

CATHERINE: That doesn’t mean you won’t have a nice outfit for Easter.

DARQ: Really?

CATHERINE:  Yeah, really.  It’s spring. Or close to it, and I saw this piece of material when I was at the fabric store, which had your name written all over it.

DARQ, the color draining from her cheeks: What?  My name–

CATHERINE: Don’t panic. I was speaking metaphorically, not literally.

DARQ: Whew!

CATHERINE (chuckling): Suffice to say, you’ll be well dressed come Easter morning and in a fashion of my choosing.

DARQ, grabbing a large shamrock and small circle, poses, and says: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

IMG_3330 2015 StPat Darq Shamrock LG

CATHERINE and DARQ: Comments are always welcome at this blog at any time.

***NOTE TO SEWERS: The culottes are 100% cotton with metallic highlights. The tunic is narrow wale corduroy with braid-ribbon trim on top of the tunic’s gauze overlay.  I based the “Wysotti” design on the best outfits I’ve made for Darq and which flattered her figure and “Indian” looks. However, the braid-ribbon trim idea came from a picture I saw in a fashion catalog some time ago (and had the presence of mind to make a copy and put the copy in a box for future ideas for clothes for Darq–or myself).

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