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Easter 2015

DARQ 2015Easter JPEGDARQ: I’m wishing everyone who celebrates Easter a HAPPY EASTER!

CATHERINE: I’ll second that and, Darq, did you get any compliments on your dress at that Easter Tea you attended?

DARQ: Sure, I did, but you know what, the shoes got the most with the hat following garnering a lot of attention.

CATHERINE: It’s always the shoes!

DARQ 2015Easter shoes JPEG






DARQ, chuckles: Of course!  And these are Easter Shoes in egg colors!

CATHERINE: So, tell me about the tea and what kind of finger sandwiches you ate?

DARQ, cheeks going dark with remember embarrassment.

CATHERINE: Darq, what faux pas did you make?

DARQ: When they offered me a finger sandwich, I thought there were real fingers between the bread.

CATHERINE: Oh, my goodness. Really?

DARQ nods: My hostess noticed my discomfiture and explained finger sandwiches meant sandwiches a finger long, but I have to tell you seeing that carrot-ginger spread between those two pieces of white bread, well, that sure had me worried.

CATHERINE: So, what was on the menu?

DARQ: Rabbit food.

CATHERINE: They fed you alfalfa pellets?

DARQ: NO!  Sorry, that’s what MM and GG called the food.

CATHERINE: MM and GG? Are they new Men in Black in your escort team?

DARQ:  No, MM and GG are from the British–no fair, Catherine, probing for the secret location of the Easter Tea.

CATHERINE crosses her arms across her chest, her defensive stance ruined by the camera dangling over her forearms: I was not prying.  I know the rules, no broadcasting where in the world you go or who you visit when you’re on Earth. So, change of subject.  Tell me about the food you ate which wasn’t fingers or alfalfa.

DARQ:  With the exception of the turkey salad sandwiches on pumpernickel, and a Ritz chicken salad, the rest were veggie sandwiches, like cucumber-mint, onion, radish-poppy seed, walnut. The cucumber-mint was especially good. Lemon curd and Devonshire cream are tasty, and there were at least eight varieties of scones. The blueberry-pineapple were my favorite.

CATHERINE: And all were washed down by tea?

DARQ: Of course, and it was a nice selection of teas–Assam, Darjeeling, and others, but I liked the Earl Gray best.

CATHERINE: Did you have tea indoors or out?

DARQ: It was cloudy and cool outside, and with the paparazzi on the prowl, it was all held indoors in a very elegant room. The china was so fine I could almost see my fingerprints through it. And, get this, I stirred my tea with a gold spoon.  Not a gold- plated spoon, but a solid gold spoon.

CATHERINE: Ah, the trappings of the rich and powerful. So, what’s with all the carrots you’re holding?

DARQ 2015Easter carrots JPEGDARQ: These are fresh-from-the-garden of Her Royal– (Darq clears her throat) — These are for the Easter Bunny.

CATHERINE: He was here last night delivering Easter eggs and Easter baskets, including yours with a dark chocolate rabbit in it, which means you’re too late with the carrots.

DARQ (chuckling): Don’t be so sure of that.

CATHERINE: What do you mean?

DARQ: Mr. Bunny is hiding among the flowers. If you put that camera of yours down, you  ought to be able to find him. Or you could just look at the first photo you took of me with the Easter greetings!

CATHERINE spots the rabbit and chuckles:



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