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Darq has returned to Earth!

Hearing thuds on her kitchen porch, Catherine, who is upstairs in her sewing room, looks out the window. On the front lawn is a black helicopter, it rotors whirling silently, and four Men In Black are heading back to copter. From downstairs comes Darq’s yell of “Hi!  I’m back! ” and Catherine joyfully heads downstairs, meeting  Darq in the kitchen, giving her a welcoming hug. Breaking the hug, Catherine says, “Nobody warned me you were coming today!” Then Catherine notices the bag Darq is holding—

IMG_4135 2015 Sept 15 use

CATHERINE: “Shoes? Oh, please don’t tell me those thuds I heard were your MIBs dropping off boxes of shoes.”

DARQ: “They dropped off my trunks. The only shoes I bought are sandals, which are in my bag–and the ones I’m wearing.”

CATHERINE, studying the bag: “You bought more sandals?”

DARQ nods: “What can I say?  Would have been here sooner, but the weather didn’t cooperate, so I spent an afternoon at a mall in San Antonio.” She looks down at her sandals. “A woman can never have too many sandals.”

CATHERINE: “I don’t own any sandals.”

DARQ: “You don’t go anywhere where you can wear them, now do you?”

CATHERINE: “Right. So, how long will you be on Earth this time?”

DARQ:  “Until spring or so. The usual winter-time round of diplomatic visits and parties. Oh, and I need you to sew me a costume for a Halloween party next month.”

CATHERINE: “Okay, so what kind of costume do you need?”

DARQ:  “The theme is medieval, knights and ladies kind of thing. I thought you might be able to make me something like you sewed for your daughter.”

CATHERINE:  “That was a child’s costume–“

DARQ:  “I realize that. Okay, what I need is something elegant but classy enough to stand out without going overboard on the bling.”

CATHERINE:  “And with headpiece and slippers?”

DARQ: “Slippers?  No, shoes to match.”

CATHERINE:  “Medieval ladies’ shoes were called slippers.”

DARQ:  “Oh, okay, great.  Slippers it is. And you might be thinking about what to make me for Christmas and New Years and Valentines Day and–“

CATHERINE: “Already thought about you needing outfits for those parties you get invited to. Let’s get your stuff inside and up to the guest room. Then we can have a cup of tea, and you can look over the copies of outfits I collected over the summer. See what you like.”

DARQ: “Sounds like a plan.  And, hey, Catherine, it’s good to be back!”

CATHERINE: “Yes, it certainly is nice that you can visit with me again.”

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