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Thanksgiving ??

CATHERINE:  Geez, Darq, you’re making a mess .

DARQ: I need all the coupons I can clip for tomorrow’s Black Friday sales.

IMG-4191 Darq 2015 JPEG

CATHERINE:  You have to be nuts to go out shopping tomorrow with all the crowds, the traffic–

DARQ:  Just look how long my shopping list is!  I have to get all the bargains I can.  Besides, I have a team of MIB agents who are going shopping with me.

CATHERINE:  And all are equipped with gizmos to insure not only your safety but that you all get in and out of stores unmolested?

DARQ: Exactly.

CATHERINE (looking over Darq’s shopping list):  Considering Christmas is an Earth and Christian celebration, I’m amazed that you’re embracing such gift-giving.

DARQ:  Actually giving gifts has more to do with saying thanks than with the Christmas customs of your planet.

CATHERINE, scowling:  Darq, we have a holiday today called Thanksgiving.

DARQ: I know that but it’s all about gorging yourselves on a fat fowl.

CATHERINE: It’s more than that.  It’s the gathering of families. It’s about traditions. It’s about taking time to recall the blessings of the year. And, well, families that gather like to share good food and plenty of it.

DARQ:  Didn’t you just complain yesterday that too many people ate and then left to get in line for the stores offering Thursday-Black-Friday Specials?

CATHERINE (whose cheeks turn a bit crimson with embarrassment): Okay, right. So, call me old-fashioned, but I’ll be staying home for Thanksgiving and avoiding the madness of traffic and people scrabbling for a deal.

DARQ:  Ha. I know the real reason you’re not going shopping.

CATHERINE:  And what reason would that be?

DARQ:  You are a year-around bargain shopper. You already have all your Christmas shopping done and wrapped for giving.

CATHERINE:  Okay, you got me there, but I don’t have them all wrapped. And I’ll have you know that I have a project or two to sew for Christmas gifts.

DARQ: No shopping but sewing on Thanksgiving day? Oh, right. I forgot. You make your daughter a Christmas Stocking each year.

CATHERINE:  It’s sewn. I might get around to stuffing it with stuff, but right now, you keep clipping those coupons.  I’ve got a pumpkin pie to bake for our Thanksgiving supper.

DARQ grabs the scissors and begins selecting new coupons to clip.

Thanksgiving Cornicopia 2015

No matter how or where you celebrate it,

Darq and I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving !

****This blog will update December 15 when Darq and I bake Christmas Cookies (and Darq will offer her Fruity Cake recipe for free).

***Note for Sewers:  Darq is wearing a blouse with unusual dagged sleeves (Darq said the sleeves were all the rage when she was home this past summer.) The pants are no-wale corduroy. The shoes were ones Darq has worn before (therefore I’m thankful not to have had to have provided Darq-the-shoeaholic with a new pair of new shoes).  Considering it isn’t the Christmas Season to me until after Thanksgiving, Darq insisted on wearing candy-cane earrings.

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