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Happy New Year!

A minute before midnight, Darq though she found a quiet corner just beyond the ballroom at the hacienda and Skyped a message to Catherine without the MIB (Men In Black) noticing.  Barely had Catherine and Darq exchanged greetings when the countdown to midnight began and…

the confetti and streamers were released …

IMG_4410 2015 NwYr Etre Darq

which became a deluge!

IMG_4421 2015 NwYr Darq Confetti

In the aftermath, Darq looks at the pool of streamers at her feet–

IMG_4427 2015 NwYr Darq Erte

Over the joyful cacophony of party-goers voices singing Auld Lang Syne, DARQ says:  Happy New Year, Catherine!

CATHERINE, who stifles a yawn: And the same to you my friend.

DARQ: This celebration is muy grande despite all the champagne toasts.

CATHERINE:  Enjoying yourself, are you?

DARQ: Indeed.  And the envy of more than a few senoritas.

CATHERINE: Please tell me you’re not flirting with their husbands.

DARQ: I’m not. But a few of the men have turned on the charm. After all, there’s nothing like one of your Erte-inspired gowns to turn heads and catch a half-dozen or so gentleman’s eyes.

CATHERINE: Oh, dear. I knew that neckline revealed too much cleavage!

DARQ chuckles, then says: Nothing’s spilling out. Oh– Gotta go.  El Presidente is headed this way. See you in a couple weeks. Enjoy your New Year’s day!   (The connection ends).


This is the Erte illustration that was the source of inspiration for Darq’s New Year’s gown–

ERTE NewYrEVE 2015

The original Erte gown was a summer dress made of white lawn with blue embroidery trim. Both the skirt and sleeves are “handkerchief hemmed” and fall in draping points. The girdle’s sash was blue with a rose at the end of the long tie-end.  Since Darq needed a winter gown, I used a lightweight, crushed panne (velvet). The white contrast of the bodice and girdle are metallic grosgrain ribbon. It took 5 yards of trim for the outfit–and I can’t imagine how many yards an adult-sized dress would have needed!  Here’s a look at the flower trim belt-end and, of course, the shoes that match the outfit–

IMG_4428 2015 NwYr Erte Shoes-flwr

** Darq will be back with a Valentine’s outfit

so stop by this blog February 14th.  **

Party Hat RED





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