A Little Irish?

17 Mar

DARQ: I’m wishing everyone a 

IMG_4500 03 March ditty

and showing off my newest pair of shoes.

CATHERINE (mumbling): Always the shoes!

DARQ scoffs, then smiles and points to the rock: What do you think of my piece of the Blarney Stone, Catherine?

CATHERINE: It’s not THE Blarney Stone.

DARQ: What do you mean?  The guys said they chipped it out of the backside of the Blarney Stone and made it especially for me.

CATHERINE: I think you’ve been had. That rock you have is . . . (Catherine uses a screwdrive to scrape a bit of paint off the bottom of the rock).  Yep. It’s cement.

DARQ: I’ve been had!

CATHERINE: Didn’t I just say that? Maybe you should ask for a new team of Men In Black to guard you on your trips to those undisclosed locations they whiz you off to so you can do your ambassador thing.

DARQ:  But I like the guys. And they don’t play practical jokes all that often.

CATHERINE shrugges, then says: How did the outfit go over at the dinner party last night?

DARQ: Lots of compliments on the simplicity, the fabric, the haute couture design–

CATHERINE: Whoa. That’s not haute couture. I made it from one of your Wysotti fashion plates.

DARQ grins, then says: I know that. You know that. They don’t! Now, show the folks who stop at this blog what I looked like in my Saint Patrick’s Day duds.

CATHERINE:  Readers–here she is, Darq in her “haute couture” Wysotti garb:

IMG_4497 03 March 2016

and what Darq’s holding is a token that says “I’m a wee bit Irish.” So, from Darq and me–

IMG_4503 03 Rock ditty

****Note to Sewers: The fabric is a very lightweight polyester material woven in the tiniest of herringbone weaves so it has a nap that’s like ultra-suede. This is a two piece outfit, the tunic (with long coat-like back) goes over full legged pants.

Next update will be for Easter–Darq will wear a dress, the pattern will be another Wysotti “haute couture” design.

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2 responses to “A Little Irish?

  1. Lenora Good

    March 17, 2016 at 8:58 AM

    Love the costumes! Such patience it must take to make such wee clothes! Darq is a very lucky doll!! 😉

  2. Catherine McLean

    March 17, 2016 at 10:13 PM

    Yeah, she is a lucky doll! 🙂


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