Easter 2016

27 Mar

CATHERINE: Who’s hiding under that Easter hat? IMG_4570 2016Easter hiding hat

DARQ:  Just little old me!

IMG_4550 2016 Easter Hat

CATHERINE: Now show everyone your Wysotti “haute-couture” outfit that you wore to the fancy Easter Breakfast and Egg Hunt on the–

DARQ: Catherine! You know you can’t divulge where I go!

CATHERINE: Sorry, wasn’t thinking. Now, stop admiring your hat and let people see what you’re wearing.

DARQ: I’d rather show off my shoes, but I know you like people to see the whole outfit, so  here it is– IMG_4558 2016 Easter

DARQ and CATHERINE:  We wish everyone who celebrates it a —

Very    Happy    Easter!

********May 1st will see Darq returning to her home planet and not returning until October. I’ll be posting a montage of her and some of her favorite outfits on May 1st. If you have a favorite outfit choice, use the comment feature of this blog and let me know.

— Catherine E. McLean


Isn’t it time you read JEWELS OF THE SKY and met the real Darq?

Jewels of the Sky 

(a futuristic adventure novel by Catherine E. McLean



***Note to Sewers:  The photo for this post makes it look like the dress’s skirt is all one piece, but the blue polka dot fabric is an underskirt. The belt is also separate. The fabric is all cotton, from quilt squares. 

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