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Gone for the Summer

IMG_4650 JPEG 2016DARQ:  I’m all packed and ready to head back to my homeworld

of Wysa, to spend time with my family. I’ll be back in October,

to do another stint as my world’s ambassador to your planet

and to have a visit with Catherine. 

See you then!

NOTE TO READERS FROM CATHERINE:  This blog’s followers as well as readers and fans of the JEWELS OF THE SKY novel were asked last month to let Darq know which outfits or costumes pictured on this blog were their favorites. This input was for posting a montage for the summer (until Darq returns).  So, here they are–Shawl front


Winter Solstice, December 2012

The JEWELS OF THE SKY book had just come out (November 27, 2012) and Darq wore her native Wysotti ceremonial clothes.












This is the Erte-inspired outfit from that took forty-some hours of hand stitching down those silver squares. It was for a 1920’s themed New Year’s Eve Party (2013)

IMG_0582 Erte stole-CLASSIC pose 02















May 2013’s Evenora costume (after seeing the movie Oz, the Great and  Powerful) . Darq loved the bling and the glitzy shoes (par for the course for a shoe-aholoc)—

Darq-OZdressPix 00

The next one was from February (Valentine’s Day) 2015-IMG_2932 2015Valentines Pink fronttop

As to simple dresses or outfits? These were favorites

IMG_3518 2015 Darq May

IMG_4135 2015 Sept 15 use

And lastly, what everyone needs–The Ugly Christmas Sweater (but somehow Darq manages to look good in it!)

IMG_2534 2014 Darq UglySweater 01 USE

DARQ:  Until my return in October, spend your summer vacation with an enjoyable book!

Darq-Book JofS  CLICK HERE  to find other books by Catherine E. McLean


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