I have returned!

01 Oct



CATHERINE: Welcome back to the farm, Darq!

DARQ: It’s good to be back to visit you, Catherine.

CATHERINE: Looks like you’re traveling light. Only the trunk?

DARQ: Yes, they have put a limit on me.


DARQ’s cheeks flush: Too many shoes.

CATHERINE chuckles and looks at Darq’s feet: I’m guessing there’s a new pair of shoes somewhere under those bell bottoms.

DARQ: There sure are. (She drops her purse on the floor next to the trunk, then takes off her hat, placing it on the floor with her purse.  A second later, she lifts up her pant legs to reveal her shoes):img_5176-2016-oct-1-shoes-hat-purse

CATHERINE: Not too fancy. Certainly not as fancy as your pants. Gad, woman, bell bottoms? Really?

DARQ: They’re called Boot Flare Pants on my world. They’re the current rage.(She drops her pant legs and shakes them so they flare wide and hide her shoes.


CATHERINE hands Darq some welcome baloons: Geez, Darq, your outfit . . . 

DARQ, looking innocently at Catherine: What about my outfit?

CATHERINE: It looks familiar. I’ve seen it–oh for crying out loud, Darq! You’re wearing a Celine, a designer original. I saw the outfit in Vogue magazine a couple weeks ago.

DARQ (grinning): Okay, you got me. Yes, this is a knock-off of Celine’s design ala Vogue. I, too, saw the magazine and outfit. When I remarked how good it would look on me, the MIB liason made some connections. Now, I’m wearing it.

CATHERINE: And the bell bottom, oh, excuse me, the boot flare pants are not the rage on your planet?

DARQ: Oh, they are. That parts true. But I’m curious how you recognized these as bell bottoms.

CATHERINE: Because, my dear Darq, when I was in my early twenties, they were the rage . I sewed a number of pairs, but none with the flair yours have.

DARQ: So, bell bottoms haven’t been around all that long on your planet?

CATHERINE: Think again. If memory serves, United States navy men in 1813 first started the trend. But it wasn’t until the mid-1960’s that the pants became the rage. That was largely because of the Hippy counter culture of the day. I remember Sonny and Cher . . . a 26″ flare . . . bell bottoms were the symbol of an outlandish and colorful style.

DARQ: MX, one of the new MIB guys on my security detail called them Loon Pants.

CATHERINE giggles: They were also called Elephant Bells way back in the 1970’s. But enough about bell bottoms. You’re here for a visit. So, what’s on the agenda for this month?

DARQ: A Halloween Party with a Steampunk theme. Got any ideas on a costume for me?

CATHERINE: Never fear, I’ll come up with something!

********READERS OF THIS BLOG– What are your recollections of bell bottom pants? Your comments are welcome!

****Note to sewers: The outfit was, indeed, inspired by the Celine outfit in a recent VOGUE magazine. It’s from Celine’s winter collection 2016. I did a quick online search and  watched a model wearing the outfit strut down the runway.  Darq’s black top is crushed velour, the pants a yellow woven cotton. The purse is similar to the one in the VOGUE ad. The hat, well, that was my own idea.

****Check back on Halloween to see Darq’s steampunk costume.

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One response to “I have returned!

  1. Catherine McLean

    October 2, 2016 at 5:43 AM

    I got an email from Lorna Good in Washington State who said: “Love the outfit, but I really love the hat!!”


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