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Christmas 2016

Darq here- Just want to wish all who celebrate it a Merry Christmas and for those who, beginning yesterday, began celebrating it –  Happy Hanukkah!  Below is a rare photo of me – rare because my escorts, the Men In Black (oft referred to as the MIB), usually keep me out of camera views. The old “don’t draw undue attention to an alien from outer space thing.”

Anyway, I’m wearing my official Wysotti ambassador’s robe, the fancy, most formal one, and that scarf-shawl with all the fringe is what we Wysotti call a tiq-wa-pah-yo-taa-pan. At the ends of the shawl are the sacred feathers of the office of an ambassador as well as the seals of the eight nations of my world along with the leaves for my tribal clan. The red feather indicates I’m a starfighter in the E-calli (our military).


Here’s the back view –


Yes, the dress is shot with gold thread and it weighs a lot. And as you can see, I’ve got ribbons in my hair – another Wysotti high-fashion statement. Okay, so it’s just something festive but I didn’t tell Catherine that. She half cussed braiding my hair and sewing in those ribbons!  LOL

As to where was I when these photos were taken? Well I can’t tell you exactly, top secret, you know.

img_5643I will tell you this – it’s not easy being at such affairs. I spent hours standing in a corner, chatting with Earth diplomats, wheeling and dealing on behalf of my nation, so by the time things wound down, I was more than ready for a hefty swig of beer. Agent MM of the MIB gave me a very odd-looking brew. It had quite a fizzy head and was wonderfully icy cold!


Okay, just one last view – what else – the shoes!


I love shoes and the more bling they have the better. Which now brings me to today, Christmas at Catherine’s and these shoe-slippers minus bling . . .


This casual footwear goes with my more casual Wysotti top and slacks for what Catherine calls “down-on-the-farm Christmas.” But you know Catherine, she added a little festive touch for me – a reindeer – and even gave me candy cane earrings . . .

img_5505 Here’s the complete outfit view –


Well, maybe not entirely a full-view but you get the idea.

What’s in the gift boxes? They’re from Catherine. The one in my hands I opened first and found these glitzy shoes and a pair of steampunk cuffs.


The second gift was this one-piece “unmentionable” –



There is a “key” on each pant leg, and they each hold a dagger, which may come in handy for my January 10, 2017, interview. I will be in England, the guest of the witch Mrs. Baker. We’ll be baking my Fruity Cake  and having a spot of tea, which sounds odd to me to offer someone so little tea, but Catherine says that’s just an idiosyncrasy of the British, and I will get a full cup of tea. (I hope she’s right.)

As to New Year’s Eve, once again I’ll be doing my diplomatic duty at a party – the destination undisclosed even to me at this writing!

All I’ve been told is that the theme is Art Deco Fire and Ice, so Catherine is making me a lovely gown, one with an enormously long train and a kilometer’s worth of dangling chains. She assures me the New Year’s gown won’t weigh as much as my official ambassador’s outfit. I’ll let you know how heavy the new gown is when I post to this blog on New Year’s Day.

Oh, before I forget. There was no winner of the $5 gift certificate offered for guessing what the base was of the 2.5″ ray gun I had under my Halloween costume’s hat. If you’re still curious as to what it is, contact Catherine.

Well, the oven dinger just dinged and the lamb roast should be ready. Until next New Year’s morning, enjoy the festivities of your day,

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah!


and me, Catherine E. McLean, author of JEWELS OF THE SKY, a sci-fi adventure novel about –Survival or extinction?  Mercy or miracle?  One woman’s choice.

    Being a direct descendant of the captain who massacred the Mayans, Darq is a Wysotti woman and a duty-oriented, pragmatic interstellar fighter pilot. She doesn’t believe in miracles or forgiveness, or that J’Hi-inti (god) would ever rescind the death curse on her people for what happened to the Mayans. Only J’Hi-inti hears one compelling plea for reconciliation and decides to let chaos rule— and test Darq. After all, she’s a wild card like her nefarious ancestor. What will she do when she faces the ruthless alien fleet commander who spearheads the blitzkrieg that is to finally destroy her homeworld, and who she once witnessed murder her cadet comrades?  Blinded by hate and survivor guilt, all that stands between survival and extinction, heaven or hell, for Darq and her people is mercy— or a miracle.

For other books and stories by Catherine, go HERE

New, lighthearted, sci-fi short story with a romantic twist has just been published in Nebula Rift – check out “Christmas on Kifel”here.


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