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Valentine’s Art In The Garden

DARQ: Bet you’ll never guess where I am this Valentine’s Day?


Oh, right, you read the sign – Art In The Garden Charity Event.


Yes, that’s where I am, in this beautiful ten-acre, landscaped “back yard” of a mansion in a warm part of the U. S. of A. You know the drill – I can’t be specific about my whereabouts. Just don’t tell Catherine it’s a balmy 70 degrees here. When I spoke to her last night, the rain had yielded to a blizzard-like, wind-driven snow, small tree branches were littering her dirt road, and the snow has coated everything.

Interestingly enough, here at the art show the judges picked an oil on canvas of a winter scene that looks almost like a view from Catherine’s house, like the artist peered down her driveway.

Of all the art, my favorite so far is the gnome with his shovel, digging flowers next a huge rock topped with purple crystals. Well, I have to go check out the next path to the pond where there’s supposed to be some awesome sculptures. So let me official say – 


I wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

Oh, wait. I almost forgot. My outfit isn’t fancy but then again I’m only walking about a garden. However, my shoes are modest but bling-worthy. All red sparkles and gold hearts.See-



Stop by next month to find out where Darq will be for St. Patrick’s Day and if she’ll be wearing green.



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