Happy Thanksgiving 2017

23 Nov


DARQ via Skype: I am at an undisclosed high-rise complex in a warm and sunny city of the USA, and as you can see, I have a great view of the Thanksgiving Day Parade!  To those who celebrate this holiday, I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

CATHERINE: Thank you,  Darq. Say, what’s that blue drink in your hand?  Isn’t it a bit early in the day to be drinking alcohol?

DARQ (chuckles): Yes, it is mid-day and way too early for me to imbibe. This, my friend, is a blue fruit drink called Blackberrygrape Tea. (Psst – click on the link and get the recipe!)

CATHERINE: Ah, so you’re drinking a fancy iced tea?

DARQ: Indeed I am. 

CATHERINE: Eating cookies too from that great big bowl of them?

DARQ: Only one, well, maybe two. Perhaps three . . .

CATHERINE: Careful Darq or you’ll get crumbs on your shoes. My, my, my –  those realy are some shoes. Not the usual bling?

DARQ: Actually, I settled for the one that matched the colors in my tunic. 

CATHERINE: Well, they are colorful.

DARQ (looking out the window as another balloon bobs by):  You have a good Thanksgiving with your family, Catherine, and I’ll see you after the New  Year.

CATHERINE: You’re not spending Christmas with me?

DARQ: No, I’m going to “the islands.”  And don’t even think of asking me which ones.

CATHERINE: But you will send pictures?

DARQ:  Of course! Oooo . . . Here comes an equestrian group decked out in silver saddles and bling! Lots of bling!

***the connection terminates***

*******NOTE TO CRAFTERS & SEWERS: The tunic was inspired by a jacket I saw in a catalogue. It was interesting piecing the front together from four strips of different fabrics, plus a silver-black trim strip, and attaching the red-orange and blue grosgrain ribbons at an angle.  The pants are denim. The shoes were an experiment of sewing two different colors together so the shoes would reflect the colors in the tunic.



and –  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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