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Heading Home to Wysotti!


DARQ:  As you can see, I’m packed and at the Interstellar Terminal to make my flight home to Wysotti and see my husband and family. My tour as ambassador to planet Earth has been enjoyable, but there’s no place quite like home! 

I heartily thank Catherine for sewing my outfit – it’s full of pockets!  Just look at the pants — 


And, of course, I love the shoes with the beaded tab.  Oh, there’s the announcement that my flight is boarding. Gotta go —  see you when I return October 1st!

*******From Catherine to sewers —  The pants are corduroy and the jacket is an embossed cotton. Both pants and jacket have leather trim. The  pink, silk “blanket stitching” was done with my sewing machine. I thought working with the little pockets would be difficult, but it wasn’t. I had the pants and jacket done in one day.

*** “It’s Women’s Starscape Fiction”  –  During the summer months, get and read (or reread) JEWELS OF THE SKY –

BACK COVER SYNOPSIS:  Being a direct descendant of the captain who massacred the Mayans, Darq is a Wysotti woman and a duty-oriented, pragmatic interstellar fighter pilot. She doesn’t believe in miracles or forgiveness, or that J’Hi-inti (god) would ever rescind the death curse on her people for what happened to the Mayans. Only J’Hi-inti hears one compelling plea for reconciliation and decides to let chaos rule— and test Darq. After all, she’s a wild card like her nefarious ancestor. What will she do when she faces the ruthless alien fleet commander who spearheads the blitzkrieg that is to finally destroy her homeworld, and who she once witnessed murder her cadet comrades?  Blinded by hate and survivor guilt, all that stands between survival and extinction, heaven or hell, for Darq and her people is mercy— or a miracle.
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