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Thanksgiving 2018

DARQ: Greetings Catherine — hope you’re having a better Thanksgiving than I am.

CATHERINE: What? Oh, right. Freezing weather for the northeast and the winds might mean the balloons won’t fly for the Macy Parade.

DARQ: It’s not about the parade or the weather. It’s that some ashraf  —  some idiot — overbooked me for this day.

CATHERINE: What do you mean?

DARQ:  Remember me telling you I needed an outfit that could weather me traveling to two different locations?

CATHERINE: You said the outfit had to go from cold to hot climes, but as usual, you and the Men in Black never tell me exactly where in the world you’re going, security and all that.

DARQ: Right.  Well, instead of breakfast and freeze-my-butt-off at the parade and then travel to a sit-down dinner in the tropics, I’ve done breakfast —  Turkey and eggs, who knew, and—

CATHERINE: You’re digressing.

DARQ: Right. Sorry. Okay, I leave the breakfast and then found myself detoured to a Friendsgiving Brunch sponsored by Ambassador —  never mind who — that included twenty turkey dishes from twenty different nations, plus a dessert buffet of at least a  hundred different kinds of miniature fruit pies and sweets. 

CATHERINE: And you sampled and sampled?

DARQ: Of course! Everything was wonderful. But if I had known about the rest of the day, well —  

CATHERINE: You wouldn’t have chowed down so enthusiastically?

DARQ: Exactly. I’m now en route to a brunch, then the parade, then a Post Parade celebration. A couple hours later, the MIBs will whisk me off to a Thanksgiving High Tea! Followed by a late afternoon-early-evening buffet,  and then, finally,  finally, I’ll end up at the sit-down dinner.

CATHERINE: I’m guessing turkey will be the main course at all of the events, along with pumpkin pies?

DARQ: Exactly.

CATHERINE: As the sign you’re standing beside says, give thanks with a grateful heart.

DARQ mutters something under her breath that sounds like Wysotti profanity, then says:  Don’t remind me. And, yes, I am grateful for all the wonderful people I’ve met and befriended in my role as my world’s ambassador here on your planet.  But if I don’t partake of what’s offered at these Thanksgiving events, people will likely consider me rude and not very thankful. By the time I get back to your farm, I will be one over-stuffed turkey! 

CATHERINE (stifling chuckles):  You could just peck at your food.

DARQ: Yeah, right. Look, I must go. See you tomorrow – Happy Thanksgiving.

****** Darq will blog again for Christmas, so if you’d like to be notified of her activities, follow this blog.

CATHERINE:  Hmmmm. Darq, the notorious shoe-a-holic, got so upset with the events of the day that she didn’t mention her shoes. Not that they were all that fancy. Ah, well, she might make up for the oversight in her Christmas post.  Lastly, here’s —

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