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2019 – Happy New Year

DARQ: Happy New Year 2019! As you can see, the midnight hour was a gay one and this mansion’s filled with streamers and confetti!

CATHERINE: What’s that horn-like thing against the wall?

DARQ: It’s not a horn but a cannon, well sort of a cannon. (Darq chuckles.)

CATHERINE: What do you mean by sort of a cannon?

DARQ (who stifles her chuckles): It was filled with streamers and confetti. When they hit the blast button, it went off with a POOF, not a BANG. Most of the streamers just plopped out. So funny! Oh, and I have been getting awesome compliments on my outfit! The fabric is so fluid and drapes like a dream. Thank you for making it for me.

CATHERINE: You’re very welcome, Darq. So tell me, did anyone remark on your shoes?

DARQ: I doubt anyone even noticed them, but that was the point, wasn’t it?
— not to have my shoes distract from the impact of the outfit?

CATHERINE: Oh, definitely! So, go, enjoy the party —

DARQ: And breakfast and the New Year’s Day Parade?

CATHERINE: Exactly. See you when you get back to the farm.


Note to Sewers: This is another Erte-inspired outfit for Darq. It’s also the easiest one I’ve ever created. Here’s the original sketch—

The fabric is gold crepe satin, underlined with tulle (which made making the hems look nicer without creating bulk that would keep the crepe from draping well. The actual Erte design was for a 2-piece pajama outfit, with the jacket having the sleeves laced to the jacket. Since I didn’t have such small grommets available, I sewed the sleeve in, then laced gold cord over the seam and topped the jacket side with gold beads (mimicking the grommets). As to the culottes— Darq got pants because the original culottes had slippers incorporated. Yeah, slippers, and those slippers had soles of multi-colored woven straw! That’s way beyond my couture abilities. Also, I didn’t include initials on the jacket nor put in a pocket on Darq’s pants. For the curious, the jacket pattern is just two big rectangles with a back seam and the front opening. The sleeves go in along the top edge (shoulder seam). I truly enjoyed making this project (but I certainly did not enjoy tying those itty-bitty front ties!).


Stop back Valentine’s Day to see what Darq’s doing and wearing!

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