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Christmas 2019 – Winter Wonderland

DARQ: Despite the weather (way too much snow!), the MIBs (Men in Black) got me to my mountain destination. The week-long holiday event’s theme is Christmas Wonderland. The following picture of my gown was taken at the “Photo Op Corner” of the ballroom—

And, of course, my outfit isn’t complete without a look at my bejeweled and snowflaked shoes —

By the way, Catherine is down on the farm having a quiet Christmas and New Years, but for me, I’ll be waltzing a dance floor, dining on fine food, and enjoying days of winter sports like learning to shred the gnar (snowboarding). I loved the sleigh ride yesterday and even got to do some skiing. This holiday event will end with another charity ball on New Year’s Eve. Stop back then to see my New Year’s ball gown.

Wishing you a peaceful, joyful, and happy Christmas!

**************************NOTE TO SEWERS**************************

Darq’s gown is satin. Rabbit-fur like feather trims the sleeve caps. A bit of the trim-fluff was incorporated into her hairpiece. The feather trim is also used on the top of the hem’s satin fringe. Hand stitching that trim was difficult because the thread kept getting snarled by the soft strands of feather-fluff. Darq holds a rabbit-fur muff in her right hand (way easier to sew!). The idea for this gown came from a coloring book.

I wish you all the best this Christmas Day! — Catherine

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