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New Year – 2020 !

CATHERINE: Who’s hiding behind that feathery cape?

DARQ: Why me, of course!

DARQ: As you can see, they revised the photo opportunity corner of the ballroom at this mountain lodge to reflect the theme of “A Starry Night.”

CATHERINE: Yes, I see all those “stars” on the wall. By the way, you look stunning!

DARQ: Thank you! And, Catherine, you did a fantastic job recreating this ensemble for me from the pictures I brought back from my homeworld. Thanks to your sewing talents, I’ve received almost non-stop compliments.

CATHERINE: That’s great! So — take the cloak off and reveal the dress.

DARQ removes her cloak —

DARQ: This dress is simple, yet very elegant. And I love the way the fabric swirls around me. The train hem floats across the fake snow. Oh, and just look at my shoes —

CATHERINE mutters, “Always the shoes.” then says: Certainly more bling than your Christmas shoes had!

DARQ chuckles, then says: But of course — Oh, my! I have to go. They’ve announced the a buffet breakfast-brunch is now being served!

**************CATHERINE and DARQ: To all who stop by, we wish you a

***What will Darq wear for the Valentine’s Day Ball? Follow this blog to find out or ask to be added to Darq’s mailing list to be notified of blog posts —

*********Note to Sewers

Darq’s cloak is a woven metallic gabardine that’s trimmed with feathers. The feather trim is topped with a metallic ribbon. The “embroidery” is actually an iron-on decal (like for T-shirts). The dress is light blue satin.

The original picture I used for the dress design was from a 1920’s cut-out-doll’s dress. Unfortunately I drew the sleeve upside-down on my pattern and didn’t figure that mistake out until I had the dress on Darq. Fortunately, the satin fabric allowed the sleeves to fold naturally to what you see. I tacked the folds down with the satin flowers.

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