A Valentine’s Day Tea 2019

CATHERINE: Now just who is behind that big ‘ol hat?

Why it’s . . .

DARQ: Hi, Catherine, can’t stop to chat, the Valentine’s Day Charity Tea is underway. This year is being held on the lawn (which is as big as your front corn field). Sorry to be in such a rush, but I want to sample some of those lovely tea cakes and tiny sandwiches before they vanish. And, of course, I wanted to wish you and all who drop by today to this blog, to have an enjoyable and Happy Valentine’s Day!

CATHERINE: Bring me home a few goodies?

DARQ: It’s the least I can do! Gotta go —

CATHERINE: What, no time to show the shoes?

DARQ: Oops! (She lifts up her dress’s hem. Once it falls, she gives a finger ways and is departs for the festivities.)

****Drop by on St. Patrick’s Day to see where on the planet Darq is spending the day and what she’ll be a’wearin’! (Green, of course!)


Darq is wearing a white on white cotton print tea dress. The print is hearts made of hearts and love birds. Very Valentinezy (if that’s even a word). LOL Nothing fancy but sometimes simple garments can look super lovely. Especially on Darq. She is such a fashionista.



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