Happy Thanksgiving 2017


DARQ via Skype: I am at an undisclosed high-rise complex in a warm and sunny city of the USA, and as you can see, I have a great view of the Thanksgiving Day Parade!  To those who celebrate this holiday, I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

CATHERINE: Thank you,  Darq. Say, what’s that blue drink in your hand?  Isn’t it a bit early in the day to be drinking alcohol?

DARQ (chuckles): Yes, it is mid-day and way too early for me to imbibe. This, my friend, is a blue fruit drink called Blackberrygrape Tea. (Psst – click on the link and get the recipe!)

CATHERINE: Ah, so you’re drinking a fancy iced tea?

DARQ: Indeed I am. 

CATHERINE: Eating cookies too from that great big bowl of them?

DARQ: Only one, well, maybe two. Perhaps three . . .

CATHERINE: Careful Darq or you’ll get crumbs on your shoes. My, my, my –  those realy are some shoes. Not the usual bling?

DARQ: Actually, I settled for the one that matched the colors in my tunic. 

CATHERINE: Well, they are colorful.

DARQ (looking out the window as another balloon bobs by):  You have a good Thanksgiving with your family, Catherine, and I’ll see you after the New  Year.

CATHERINE: You’re not spending Christmas with me?

DARQ: No, I’m going to “the islands.”  And don’t even think of asking me which ones.

CATHERINE: But you will send pictures?

DARQ:  Of course! Oooo . . . Here comes an equestrian group decked out in silver saddles and bling! Lots of bling!

***the connection terminates***

*******NOTE TO CRAFTERS & SEWERS: The tunic was inspired by a jacket I saw in a catalogue. It was interesting piecing the front together from four strips of different fabrics, plus a silver-black trim strip, and attaching the red-orange and blue grosgrain ribbons at an angle.  The pants are denim. The shoes were an experiment of sewing two different colors together so the shoes would reflect the colors in the tunic.



and –  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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A Prairie Halloween

CATHERINE: This Halloween finds Darq in the Old West at some undisclosed ranch where the theme for the holiday was “A Prairie Halloween.”  Costumes had to date prior to 1860.  Enjoy her photos and their captions.


DARQ: Here I am at one of the mini-chuck wagons and among the decorations. Did you spot the skeleton and arrows!

Most of the food and goodies were served on wagon tailgates or from tables made of sawhorses with boards across them. Really rustic. A lot of items were cooked over open fires.


Food aside, there were costumes. Take a look at the outfit Catherine made for me –


Oddly enough, wearing a bonnet was not optional, but mandatory. I was leery at first, but one look in a mirror and I loved the bonnet. I think I look rather cute. I got lots of favorable comments on not only my bonnet but my outfit and my daisy earrings and cameo.


Here’s a better look at my costume, which is a blouse and skirt. As was the custom way back when, the back of the skirt is a bit longer, like a mini-train.  Of course, being a modern woman from a different planet, I found the skirt a real pain to navigate through gates and doorways AND hang onto a purse. Well, not so much a purse as a Trick or Treat bag to take goodies back to my suite.

Catherine patterned the costume from pictures she found on Pinterest. Of course, back in the 1860’s a woman wore a petticoat and bloomers – or were they called pantaloons? Whatever. It’s a lot of fabric to wear but, you know what, when the square dancing got going, skirts were whirling  (including mine), and I think every ‘lady’ was glad of the underwear! Here’s a peek at mine –



The bloomers were nothing fancy but this view shows my shoes. The shoes have a touch of bling. Just a touch. Oh, and they are ankle high, which was great considering all the dust stomped up and those little brown things called ‘road apples’ dotting the barn yard.

I’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving in the city, can’t tell you which city because my escorts, the Men in Black (MIBs for short), have yet to tell me which one. I do know that it will involve a big parade. Until then – IMG_6637_1

Have a Happy Halloween!

****Note to Crafters and Sewers from Catherine – I had a blast making the chuck wagon. It’s body is a cardboard box that I turned inside out so I got the brown side up, and then applied some paint to make it look like wood sides. The tailgate is just a piece of cardboard shoved under one of the box’s side flaps and held in place with jewelry chain (from my jar of left-over findings).

As to the wagon wheels and undercarriage? I went online to get images of wagon wheels. A black and white picture had the best angle. I copied it and colored it in, then glued it to a wood ‘soccer ball’ disk (which was the right size but painted orange!)

The undercarriage, the part that connects the axle (a piece of wood nailed between two  soccer ball disks) to the underside of the wagon box necessitated cutting a couple pieces of balsa wood (a blank plaque shape of wood) and gluing them together with a honeycomb piece of cardboard between the wood pieces. That allowed me to skewer a flat toothpick into the cardboard and then skewer the top of the toothpicks into the bottom of the cardboard wagon.

I shoved wire into the top of the box to make the ribs to hold the canvas top, which was a piece of muslin. Jewelry findings (rings) and some black headed straight pins anchor the ‘canvas.’

When I came across the skeleton, I remembered Indian attacks and couldn’t pass up the idea of a skeleton at the party. The arrows are fancy toothpicks with the front end trimmed off and into an arrowhead. The barrel is actually a bank that I had kept from my youth. It even has a couple pennies rattling around at the bottom of it.

As to Darq’s outfit — It is 100% cotton quilting fabric and muslin. The photos don’t do the front pleat of the green print over the front striped panel. Of all the doll patterns I have kept from when I made doll clothes for my sister and daughter, I didn’t have a prairie bonnet pattern. I went on the Internet and found pictures of the pattern pieces, in French! But, hey, I’m used to figuring out what needs to go where. And using the computer to resize the pieces helped.

Darq and I wish you a Happy Halloween. See you for the Thanksgiving update.

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I’m Back!

IMG_6482 2017 9-1

DARQ: As you can readily see, I’ve returned to Earth for another season of ambassadorial duties. This is a Wysotti outfit for those who are interested. Simple, and in my humble opinion, gorgeous. Even my sandals and hairpiece reflect the dress’s designs. Have a look—

IMG_6470 2017 9-1 shoes







 Because of the hurricanes that hit the U.S.A., my arrival party had to be delayed but little stops the MIB (Men in Black) from seeing that they —and I— have a good time in Texas. There’s nothing like beer and burgers and BBQ ribs!

Speaking of Texas and the Old West, this Halloween I’ll be going to a dude ranch, at an undisclosed location, of course. There will be something called a Chuck Wagon Cook Out with a square dance in a barn. The theme for the costumes is “Prairie Dress.” That ought to keep Catherine busy at the sewing machine.

Oh, and don’t tell Catherine, but I decided on wearing another Erte-inspired gown for New Years.The celebration theme is “At the Ritz” and I have already picked out the illustration.

CATHERINE: Geez, Darq, you do know I get notices of your blog, right?

IMG_6469 2017 beer in hand 9-1

DARQ: Oops. I forgot about that. Must be one too many beers . . . (hiccup) . . .


For sewers: the fabric is a lacy knit with cotton trim. The floral touches are scrapbooking decals.

Stop back on Halloween to she Darq’s Prairie Dress and hear all about Darq’s chuck wagon outing.

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Getting Some R&R – be back Oct. 1


CATHERINE:  Well, it’s that time of year when even an alien ambassador like Darq needs a little R&R – as well as to reconnect with her husband and children back on her homeworld. According to the Men In Black, ETA for her arrival back at my farm will be October 1st. I wonder what Halloween party she’ll be going to and what will she be wearing for a costume?  Stop back Oct. 1st – or better yet, follow this blog and be the first to know.

Oh, and regarding the shoes Darq’s wearing, I made them from the trim off the plastic table runner that’s currently adorning my dining room table.   Don’t tell Darq. She thinks they’re some kind of exotic leather.

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Easter 2017


Video Chat – DARQ: Sorry, Catherine, I don’t have any time to chat, I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date –

CATHERINE: Hold it right there, Darq. You’re quoting Alice in Wonderland’s White Rabbit. And how can you be late? You’re never late. Besides, you left day’s ago with your team of Men In Black for who-knows-where. I really wish the MIB or you would tell me where you get to go in the world.

DARQ: I know, but you know I can’t say anything. It’s the old top secret alien on Earth kind of thing. (Darq whispers): I left you a clue in the picture – BALLOON rising. Whirligig spinning in the wind . . .

CATHERINE ponders, then whispers: Hot air balloon? You’re going on a hot air balloon ride.

DARQ (still whispering): More of an airship kind of thing.

CATHERINE: Airship? Steampunk air ship?

DARQ: You know I can’t divulge that! And, besides, this is my last fun excursion before I head back to my homeworld and my family. Oh, I really have to go! 

Connection ends.

CATHERINE:  To all who celebrate it, I and Darq wish you a Happy Easter.

****Stop back May 1 to see what Darqwears for her trip back to her homeworld and learn when she’ll be back on Earth visiting me again.


Note to Sewers: Darq is wearing a Wysotti fashion designed jumpsuit. Darq said not to call it that because it reminded her of  ugly shipsuits, but, hey, it is what it is! As to shoes, which Darq did not show off, her’s have ‘rabbit ears’ at the back. Kinda appropriate for Easter, don’t you think?


*************************************************Have a great Easter!!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


DARQ:  I’ve danced through a field of clovers until my shoes turned pale green!


CATHERINE: Yeah, right. Those shoes were shamrock green to begin with. And here’s the proof-


DARQ: Not shamrock green, Catherine – clover green. Don’t you know the difference?

CATHERINE: There’s a difference?

DARQ: Here in Ireland – oops, wasn’t supposed to divulge that – don’t let the Men In Black know I said that.

CATHERINE: Mums the word.

DARQ: Anyway, about the shamrock versus clover – botanists are not be entirely in agreement with which plants are shamrocks and which are clovers.

CATHERINE: So who is?

DARQ: The Irish are. You see, Irish legend claims that St. Patrick used a small clover with three leaves called shamrocks to illustrate Christianity’s holy trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost.Anyone who slays dragons must be right, right?

CATHERINE: Ah, yes, Christianity and good old St. Patrick. Okay, smarty, what’s with the four-leaf clovers, those shamrocks associated with St. Patrick’s Day?

DARQ: Those four-leaf clovers are a rare genetic mutation of three-leaved clovers. Did you know four-leaf clovers are considered lucky?

CATHERINE: I did. So, what’s with all the three leaf shamrocks you’re dancing about?

DARQ (cheeks turning slightly red): I was trying to find a four-leaf shamrock.

CATHERINE: Doesn’t look to me like there are any except for those embossed on the coins and the caldron.

DARQ: That’s not a caldron!  That’s a pot-of-gold.  And there is one four-leaf shamrock, but it is really hard to see. It blends in with all the green stones and coins.

CATHERINE: In other words, flash from the camera blitzed it out so it can’t be seen?

DARQ: Exactly. Now, I’ve had it up to my knees in shamrocks, so how about we wish everyone who celebrates it –

CATHERINE: I’m way ahead of you –

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

*****Stop back at Easter to see Darq in a new outfit, this one of her native Wysotti design.

*****Note to Sewers:  Darq’s outfit is a wrap-around skirt that took 60″ of gathered iridescent netting to form the “lace.” Her golden cummerbund was once (many decades ago) a shoe buckle pulled from the “Junk Jar.” After all, you never know when something so pretty will be re-purposed. Have a great St. Patrick’s Day!

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Valentine’s Art In The Garden

DARQ: Bet you’ll never guess where I am this Valentine’s Day?


Oh, right, you read the sign – Art In The Garden Charity Event.


Yes, that’s where I am, in this beautiful ten-acre, landscaped “back yard” of a mansion in a warm part of the U. S. of A. You know the drill – I can’t be specific about my whereabouts. Just don’t tell Catherine it’s a balmy 70 degrees here. When I spoke to her last night, the rain had yielded to a blizzard-like, wind-driven snow, small tree branches were littering her dirt road, and the snow has coated everything.

Interestingly enough, here at the art show the judges picked an oil on canvas of a winter scene that looks almost like a view from Catherine’s house, like the artist peered down her driveway.

Of all the art, my favorite so far is the gnome with his shovel, digging flowers next a huge rock topped with purple crystals. Well, I have to go check out the next path to the pond where there’s supposed to be some awesome sculptures. So let me official say – 


I wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

Oh, wait. I almost forgot. My outfit isn’t fancy but then again I’m only walking about a garden. However, my shoes are modest but bling-worthy. All red sparkles and gold hearts.See-



Stop by next month to find out where Darq will be for St. Patrick’s Day and if she’ll be wearing green.



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