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I’m Back!

IMG_6482 2017 9-1

DARQ: As you can readily see, I’ve returned to Earth for another season of ambassadorial duties. This is a Wysotti outfit for those who are interested. Simple, and in my humble opinion, gorgeous. Even my sandals and hairpiece reflect the dress’s designs. Have a look—

IMG_6470 2017 9-1 shoes







 Because of the hurricanes that hit the U.S.A., my arrival party had to be delayed but little stops the MIB (Men in Black) from seeing that they —and I— have a good time in Texas. There’s nothing like beer and burgers and BBQ ribs!

Speaking of Texas and the Old West, this Halloween I’ll be going to a dude ranch, at an undisclosed location, of course. There will be something called a Chuck Wagon Cook Out with a square dance in a barn. The theme for the costumes is “Prairie Dress.” That ought to keep Catherine busy at the sewing machine.

Oh, and don’t tell Catherine, but I decided on wearing another Erte-inspired gown for New Years.The celebration theme is “At the Ritz” and I have already picked out the illustration.

CATHERINE: Geez, Darq, you do know I get notices of your blog, right?

IMG_6469 2017 beer in hand 9-1

DARQ: Oops. I forgot about that. Must be one too many beers . . . (hiccup) . . .


For sewers: the fabric is a lacy knit with cotton trim. The floral touches are scrapbooking decals.

Stop back on Halloween to she Darq’s Prairie Dress and hear all about Darq’s chuck wagon outing.

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Interview by an English Witch


Catherine here– If your day can use a smile or two, go to


because Darq is in England as a guest of none other than Mrs. Baker, the English witch, who invited Darq to tea  today (and to interview her).

The two are even baking Darq’s Fruity Cake for the orphans. The recipe is also revealed.

There are lots of pictures of Darq and Mrs. B that Darq, Mrs. B, Penny Blake, and I think you’ll enjoy, so please feel free to comment. Or, if you’re curious what elements were used in the photos that makes the food (or anything else) look real, leave a comment!

Have fun (I and Penny sure did!)

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Gone for the Summer ?

IMG_3540 6-1-2015 Heading Home Darq (1)

CATHERINE:  I managed to get a snapshot of Darq packing her things for the trip back to her homeworld of Wysa. If you are wondering like I was about all the two towers of shoes fitting in the trunk along with her clothes, well—

According to Darq, the MIB (Men in Black), have this molecular and atom compression gizmo that will get everything down into some sort of weightless, flat thread of light-energy. Not being a techno-geek, the process sounded to me a lot like the transporters used on Star Trek. Okay, so fiction is fiction and as long as you can suspend your disbelief, it’s kosher.  Right?

Darq will be back this fall . . . new shoes, new clothes. 

To be notified of her arrival, follow this blog or Connect With Catherine

Conversation and comments are always welcome!

****SPECIAL NOTE:  HEARTS AKILTER – Catherine’s fantasy/sci-fi romance is coming soon – Get on the “early bird” notification list for the release date and you could win a $25 gift card. Details are HERE

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Happy New Year 2015!

Telephone rings at 5 a.m.

CATHERINE, only barely awake, picks up the phone from her bedside stand, and mumbles: Hello?

DARQ: Happy New Year, Catherine!

CATHERINE, grumbling something unintelligent, takes a deep breath and comes more awake: Happy New Year to you, too.  Where are you calling from?

DARQ:  The party. I’m on my way out the door.

CATHERINE:  I thought you were staying until Sunday. Was the party that bad?

DARQ, her voice lower:  “It was a nice party but, well, boring.”

CATHERINE: I thought my staying at home was a boring way to spend New Year’s Eve, but you went to some ritzy party!

DARQ: Not so much ritzy. The place was an architectural wonder.  All slabs of rock, cement, metal, linear–think Frank Lloyd Wright-ish.  And the interior–all white, black, chrome, glass–so pristine that no one dared get drunk or spill anything on the gold carpets. Standing around making polite talk is not my idea of welcoming in a new year.

CATHERINE: No saving grace for the place?

DARQ: Well, there was the view.  The towering mountains covered with evergreens. All dusted with snow. A full moon.

CATHERINE (hears helicopter blades revving up): So you’ll be home soon?

DARQ:  No. Change of plans.  I’ve been invited to New York City for a couple weeks to take in the lights and a play or two. I’ll let you know my ETA later. I have to go, but I’m sending you a picture one of the MIBs took of me in the Erte-inspired outfit you made me. Everyone raved about it.  Gotta go!

There’s the click of the disconnect, and Catherine brings up the picture Darq sent:

IMG_2761 12-2014 ERTE NwYr Window


*** Note to fashionistas and those who sew —  Below is a frontal view of Darq’s two-piece outfit. The skirt front has a “waterfall” effect, which took me two days to figure out how to make. The most expensive about the outfit was the pair of tassels that hang off the belt at the side seams. Making those tassels took three skeins of metallic gold embroidery floss.

IMG_2774 12-2014 ERTE NwYr POSED

And here is the Erte illustration that I worked from:

Darq-Erte NwYr2014 illustration And, yes, Darq’s wearing a new pair of shoes.  Blingy-gold (and made from duct tape).


***This blog will update January 15 with a look at Darq’s NYC visit (and outfit). Follow this blog to stay abreast of Darq’s adventures on Earth.

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Highlights of Christmas 2014

CATHERINE:  As promised, here’s a look at–

DARQ:  Let me tell the picture story of my Christmas day.

CATHERINE:  Okay, tell away.

DARQ:  The Christmas tree (an artificial one) was a-glitter with lights and sparkling ornaments of silver and kiwi-green.  With all the gifts piled under the tree, I  was hard pressed to ferret out my presents. At times it felt like I was drowning among the brightly wrapped gifts.


However, I manged to find my three presents– Ta Dah!

IMG_2696  Xmas2014 DARQ Presents

What did I get?  Well, the contents of the bag was from my MIB detail and Santa. It was a red stocking filled with various wine samplers.  The little box held Catherine’s gift to me of earrings–and yes, I am wearing an old pair of red shoes (no new ones) and my Ugly Christmas Sweater (which, the more I wear it, the better I like it!).

IMG_2700  Xmas2014 DARQ Earrings-MerlotAnd in the big gold glittery box was–

CATHERINE: Hold it right there.  No revealing what’s inside that box.

DARQ: Why not? It’s the outfit you made for me for the upcoming Downton Abbey themed New Year’s Eve party I’m attending next week.

CATHERINE: But we won’t be revealing that Erte-inspired outfit until New Year’s Day, so don’t spoil the surprise.

DARQ: Can I just say it’s black and gold and white?


DARQ: Can I say it’s beautiful?

CATHERINE: Okay, you can say that.

DARQ: The Erte-outfit Catherine made is simply — BEAUTIFUL!

CATHERINE: Now that we have that settled, how about guarding the cookies so my husband leaves a few for me?

DARQ:  I’m on it!

IMG_2708 Xmas2014 DARQ cookies

CATHERINE and DARQ:  We hope you had a very good Christmas and will stop by New Year’s Day to see Darq’s Erte-inspired outfit of black and gold and white!

**** Catch up on all the Christmas activities by scrolling down.

***Unfamiliar with Erte?  He was the Father of Art Deco and a designer of 1920-30’s haute couture – check out last New Year’s Eve’s gown, as well as the Valentines, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter outfits made this year.



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Happy Mother’s Day!

DARQ:  Here I come, ready or not . . .

Darq-5 2013 MomDay-peekaboo

 . . .  and to wish you and all my blog followers a

Happy Mother’s Day!

CATHERINE: And you’re in costume?

DARQ: How else was I to give an “old-fashioned” Mother’s Day greeting?  By the way, I love the dress you made for me.  Jane Austin would be thrilled.

CATHERINE:  I would imagine so.  And the hat?

DARQ: Awesome!  It makes me feel like I could live in the 1800’s.

CATHERINE:  Speaking of Jane Austin, which book of hers did you like best?

DARQ:  ‘Emma’ of course.  Oh, and thanks for the handkerchief, pearl necklace, and the new pair of shoes that go with my dress. IMG_0342

CATHERINE mutters softly “you and shoes,” then she says:  You’re welcome.

DARQ:  Yoi, Catherine, what do you think of all these beautiful spring flowers and this mini-rose?  I plucked all of them just for you.

CATHERINE:  In other words, you picked my garden clean.

DARQ laughs, then says:  Not quite, but are you sure these are real flowers?

CATHERINE scrutinizes the cascade of flowers:  Omygosh! Some are real and some are silk — you pilfered from my seasonal silk flower supply!

DARQ: How else was I to put together so many blooms?

CATHERINE:  Well, okay, you did a terrific job of blending the real and the fake. It’s hard to tell which is which.

DARQ: Thank you, and now, Catherine, let me make the official announcement:

Darq-5 2013 MomDay HAT



HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY from Catherine and Darq.

PS — Can you identify the real flowers from the fake?  If so, feel free to comment and list the ones you think are real.

******** Coming May 15th:  The Oz dresses and the glitzy-bling Oz shoes plus another opportunity to download JEWELS OF THE SKY for free!

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Darq’s Fruity Cake

IMG_0224It’s late afternoon of New Year’s Day when Darq enters the farmhouse with snow on her carryall and CATHERINE says: Welcome back. You look . . .  Are you a tad hungover?

DARQ: No, I’m not hungover. I know what hungover is and I am not hungover. And before you ask, I had a great New Year’s Eve party, and I did not end up naked in the pool with the rich guy or the actor or that Wall Street broker-guy.

CATHERINE (blinking in shock about the naked, pool, and men) whispers: Okay. Only somewhat hungover but definitely cranky-tired.

DARQ:  I heard that.

CATHERINE, pasting a smile on her lips: Supper’s in ninety minutes. Why don’t you go unpack your carryall?

DARQ nods and goes upstairs. There she not only unpacks but also takes a nap, coming downstairs feeling more herself, and hears Catherine call: Supper!

DARQ stands in the kitchen doorway: What’s the pungent smell in the kitchen? What are you fixing?

CATHERINE: We’re having a traditional McLean/Polish/German/Serbian/New Year’s Day meal of pork and sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, and peas.  John likes peas. It’s his favorite vegetable.

DARQ grunts but takes her place at the table. When the meal is finished, she says:  The pork was good. Very good. Some people at the party last night said they hated sauerkraut’s smell and taste, but this shredded stuff tasted okay to me.

CATHERINE:  A lot has to do with how the sauerkraut is fixed. I rinse mine to take the edge off it it before cooking it.

DARQ: So, what’s for dessert?

CATHERINE  leaves the table and returns with the dessert for everyone.

DARQ:  Is that what I think it is?

CATHERINE:  Yep– Darq’s fruitycake topped with vanilla ice cream!

DARQ: You actually made the fruitycake from scratch?

CATHERINE:  No, I took a shortcut and used a boxed mix and canned fruit, not fresh.

DARQ says after tasting the concoction:  Unbelievable.  This tastes like the real thing.

CATHERINE:  It should.  I recognized the ingredient list you gave me and took a shortcut.  Nothing to it– one carrot cake mix, 4 eggs, 1 stick of butter, 1 fourteen ounce can of Delmonte no sugar added, very cherry fruit mix (not drained), 1 eight ounce can of pineapple tidbits, drained, and three quarters of a cup of chopped pecan, but I ran out of pecans so I added walnuts. Mixed well. Baked in a bundt pan for 50 minutes–well, until done–ovens being what they are and mine is old . . .

IMG_0218DARQ stares at Catherine for a moment then says: I’m having seconds.

# # #

******Special notice: January 9-10, 2013, Darq is going to be interviewed in Mexico by “Father Dragon”–to keep abreast of Darq’s activities, join us at Twitter 

**** If you like Darq, leave a comment or question for her.  And feel free to forward this site to your friends or mention Darq on your Facebook or Pinterest pages.

***Darq is the protagonist/heroine of Jewels of the Sky, available at (as an eBook and paperback).

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