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Thanksgiving 2019

DARQ: Hello! I am grateful for all who follow this blog and extend to you a heartfelt wish for a Happy Thanksgiving!

CATHERINE: I’ll second that – Happy Thanksgiving everyone! And, Darq, how do you like the 1920’s style gown I made for you?

DARQ: I love it! Especially because everyone can see the shiny bling on my shoes — — —

CATHERINE mutters: You and your shoes.

DARQ: What did you say?

CATHERINE: Enjoy the ball and Thanksgiving . See you when you get back to the farm.



Here’s the inspiration for Darq’s gown —

This came from a cut-out book of 1920’s paper dolls. The gown is brown satin with metallic confetti. The contrasting tabs are synthetic suede lined with the same satin as the dress. Sewing all those point on the hem of the dress and sleeves was a challenge. I ended up using tulle for a facing because lining the dress would have made things far too bulky.


What will Darq wear for a “Winter Wonderland” gown for the Christmas charity ball she’ll attend next month? Follow this blog and find out!

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Thanksgiving – and an ugly Christmas sweater?

IMG_2403 2014 Thanksgiving DARQ

DARQ (shouting): Happy Turkey Day!

CATHERINE: It’s not a happy day for turkeys.

DARQ: Yeah, I know, but ‘TIZ THE SEASON!

CATHERINE: Oh, please, not you too.

DARQ: Me too what?

CATHERINE: I really hate the commercialization of Christmas. Did you not notice that the Black Friday sales began last Sunday, five days before Thanksgiving?  Why just a couple hours ago, the TV station I was watching ran a “Happy Holidays” blurb to its viewers.

DARQ: Speaking of Christmas, I need your help.

CATHERINE:  For what?

DARQ: The guys–

CATHERINE: As in the Men In Black who are now pigging out on your pumpkin pies, all twenty four of them?

DARQ: Yes, and they are OUR pies. I cleaned the pumpkins, you made the pies–

CATHERINE:  So, you want me to help you bake more pies, like for the MIB’s Christmas party?

DARQ:  No. The party’s being catered.

CATHERINE (letting out a sigh of profound relief):  That’s good. So, what kind of help do you need?

DARQ:  I need an ugly Christmas sweater.

CATHERINE (looking astonished): Why would you want an ugly Christmas sweater?  There are plenty of lovely ones–

DARQ: It’s a contest. Well, actually, anyone who attends the party has to wear the ugliest Christmas sweater they own or can buy or can make.  It’s a themed party–the “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.”

CATHERINE: So, go online or go shopping and buy yourself an ugly Christmas sweater.

DARQ:  If it’s in a store, it’s likely more than one person will be wearing the same sweater.  I want something unique.  You knit. Could you knit me sweater?

CATHERINE: I could if you can wait until next Christmas for me to finish it.  I’m a slow knitter.

DARQ (looking crestfallen):

CATHERINE (speaking before she can stop herself): But I can crochet a lot faster.  I guess I can crochet one for you in a couple of weeks.  When’s the party?

DARQ (grins): Sunday afternoon, Dec. 14 at HQ.  Can you have the sweater ready by then?

CATHERINE: More than likely.  Com’mon, let’s go to my sewing room and raid the yarn bin, and see what color combo we can piece together for this ugly sweater of yours.

*****Stop back December 14 to see Darq’s ugly Christmas Sweater.

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