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Happy Mother’s Day 2015!

IMG_3518 2015 Darq May

DARQ:  Well, Catherine, you have done a fine job of sewing me a Wysotti dress for Mother’s Day!

CATHERINE: Why, thank you Darq.  At least the style was an easy one to duplicate– I see you found a pair of shoes to match.

DARQ: Indeed I did, and I want to thank you for the fascinator. It was the perfect touch. (Darq pats her hair.)

IMG_3522 2015 MomDay HairpieceCATHERINE: You really like the do-dad?

DARQ, grinning, replies: Yes, I do. On my homeworld, we like to adorn our hair with what you call do-dads. We’re partial to feathers, bling, and lots of multicolored ribbons. So, not to worry.  I love the fascinator, it matches my shoes.

CATHERINE: Always the shoes!

DARQ:  Shoes are everything.  They make the outfit.

CATHERINE: Whatever.  So, with you in all white and dressed up, how are you spending Mother’s Day?  Are the Men in Black guys coming to sweep you off in a helicopter to some fancy place?

DARQ: No. I’m taking you and your husband out to dinner at a nice restaurant. The MIBs have nothing to do with things.

CATHERINE: Ah, that’s so nice of you.

DARQ (looking downcast, her voice going soft: It’s also sort of farewell meal.

CATHERINE, shocked: Farewell?

DARQ: Yes.  When you leave for your Pennwriters Conference in Pittsburgh later this week, I’ll be heading home, back to my planet, back to my husband and kids.

CATHERINE, almost breathless: For good–you’re going home for good?

DARQ: No, silly, not for good.  I’ll be back in late summer, or early fall.  That will give you plenty of time to make me clothes.

CATHERINE:  Clothes for what?

DARQ: The many diplomatic events and parties and dinners that are being planned. (Darq hands Catherine a sheet of paper.)  Here’s a list of the tentative events.  The starred ones will require outfits fitting the occasion.

CATHERINE:  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years . . .  the usual events.  What’s this circle around New Years for?

DARQ: A lavish party. Extra special attire required.

CATHERINE: Which translates into something that will take some time to create but–

DARQ: Yes, yes, I know, if you get a release date for HEARTS AKILTER, you might not have a great deal of time to sew because you’ll be doing blog guest appearances and marketing the book.  Which means, my dearest friend, sew me some simple Wysotti or even Earth fashions. Except New Year’s when I need something special to impress people with, like an Erte-inspired dress.

CATHERINE: Okay, can do.  Now, here’s my husband.  Let’s go. I’m famished.

From Darq and Catherine:


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