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Easter 2017


Video Chat – DARQ: Sorry, Catherine, I don’t have any time to chat, I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date –

CATHERINE: Hold it right there, Darq. You’re quoting Alice in Wonderland’s White Rabbit. And how can you be late? You’re never late. Besides, you left day’s ago with your team of Men In Black for who-knows-where. I really wish the MIB or you would tell me where you get to go in the world.

DARQ: I know, but you know I can’t say anything. It’s the old top secret alien on Earth kind of thing. (Darq whispers): I left you a clue in the picture – BALLOON rising. Whirligig spinning in the wind . . .

CATHERINE ponders, then whispers: Hot air balloon? You’re going on a hot air balloon ride.

DARQ (still whispering): More of an airship kind of thing.

CATHERINE: Airship? Steampunk air ship?

DARQ: You know I can’t divulge that! And, besides, this is my last fun excursion before I head back to my homeworld and my family. Oh, I really have to go! 

Connection ends.

CATHERINE:  To all who celebrate it, I and Darq wish you a Happy Easter.

****Stop back May 1 to see what Darqwears for her trip back to her homeworld and learn when she’ll be back on Earth visiting me again.


Note to Sewers: Darq is wearing a Wysotti fashion designed jumpsuit. Darq said not to call it that because it reminded her of  ugly shipsuits, but, hey, it is what it is! As to shoes, which Darq did not show off, her’s have ‘rabbit ears’ at the back. Kinda appropriate for Easter, don’t you think?


*************************************************Have a great Easter!!

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